Sailor Jerry's flavoured rum.

I have developed a taste for flavoured rum and found Sailor Jerry's to my liking. Having just finished a bottle I thought I might try some others in the same style and would welcome any recommendations.


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Not a spiced rum but as smooth as nectar, El Dorado from Guyana is possibly the most essence liquid I have ever tasted.

It comes in 5, 10, 12, 15 and 25 year old vintages, doesn't matter which you get, they are all amazing, The 25 year is really quite special though and has won various awards.

It's a bit pricey over here but if you ever get to Guyana, it's as cheap as water.


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MG Maniac bought me a very nice Wray and Nephew overproof as my post lunch drink yesterday and it was very,very nice,Wetherspoon's have a small, but fine selection of Rum at the moment


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Wray and Nephew.

Concur, top tipple and can get you quite messy quite quickly if I recall correctly.


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Ravers I applaud your taste buds - El Dorado is superlative, I have just finished a bottle of the 15 m'sel luvverly stuff.

Sailor Jerry's on the other hand is a bastardised overly sweet, overly vanilla flavoured abortion of a rum. And that goes for both the old recipe and the new.

Moreover I wish they would stop foisting the damn thing with lime mixed into it, it's bad enough on its own but the combination of Vanilla and Lime should never ever ever ever be contemplated it is morally and ethically wrong

I would recommend

Kweyol Spiced Rum from St. Lucia

The Rum Shop - Got Rum? 2002 Archives

or Foursquare's Spiced Rum

Foursquare Spiced Rum : Buy Online - The Whisky Exchange

alternatively you could spice your own, having chosen a suitable base rum

I'm intrigued with the idea of spicing my own; can you tell me a little more?


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Oh crikey, here are a few links just now, and I will send you a PM with my Understanding Rum Training Manual that I wrote for Angostura via PM and we can continue the discussion from there. (I really need to sit down and type up individual essays on spirits for the thread).

The main spices used include:

Citrus Peels
Vanilla (haaaaawk ptooie)
other medicinal herbs and bark (eg bois bande an aphrodisiac)

Mix them in the proportions you want and add them to an overproof rum and leave to marinate for 2-10 days

for overproof rums use either Wray & Nephew or Goslings 151 (both are available from the drinkshop Drinkshop )

One word of advice I would give is to marinade the spices individually in the rum: ie marinadfe the ginger in 100mls, the cloves in a seperate 100mls, the citrus peels in yet another (use cordial bottles like those I recommend when describing how to improve Lillet Blanc in my thread I provide links there).

By doing this you can blend the rum carefully in order to get the proportions right. If you throw all the ingredients in together you might not get the mix right and thus ruin a perfectly good bottle of overproof. By doing each one individually you have more control and can make a whole range of spiced rums if you should so choose.

Design your own spiced rum - Rum Lovers @ the Ministry of Rum

Tiki Central Forums - Topic: Recipe: Make your own spiced rum

Spiced Rum Recipe - CHOW

That should do for now, but expect a PM from me later today.

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