Sailor Goes A Bit Overboard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by zero-over, Jul 7, 2013.

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  1. Wow!! I knew Mo.
  2. Sounds like he was under a huge amount of pressure in the circumstances and he actually has my sympathy.
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  3. Leading Seaman (Above Water Warfare)

    Is this an official rank?
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  4. Leading seaman is the rank, above water warfare is the branch. Actually now known as LOM (AWW) Leading operator mechanic above water warfare. Basically a cross between weapon engineer and gunner. (He fires guns and also strips and cleans them)
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  5. Wah shield up.
    Yep, Leading Seaman is his rate (rank) Above Water Warfare is his trade. Just how the RN does it.
    Wah shield down.

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  6. He could have been passed for PO for ages but opted to stay a killick at sea. I was passed for PO but if I'd have got my POs up I'd have had to be shorebased for 8 months at Pompey doing the course then spend a mandatory 2 years shoreside instructing - paying food & accom and losing sea pay. Financially I was better off staying as a killick. At my point of leaving - the lowest band of PO's pay was lower than the highest band of killicks pay, which I was on. They truly ****ed up the payscales.
  7. But you wouldn't have gone on to the lower band of PO, surely. You'd have gone in on the band that was equivalent to 2.6% or higher. Is OM Operator Mechanic, to Operator Maintainer?

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  8. Whilst one cannot condone his actions I cannot help but think that perhaps if some people serving didn't have the mentality that their little corner of the armed forces is their own personal train set then maybe he wouldn't have felt the need to act like such a cock to begin with.
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  9. I thought this thread was about the one missing in Dubai.
  10. Operator mechanic/maintainer...same thing. My payband would have been lower until part 1 taskbooks completed and coupled with the loss of lssb and paying food and was simply not worth it. Any pay increase was not enough to mitigate those losses stuck shoreside for nearly 3 years.

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  11. Guns

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    Your a bit out of date there. Operator Mechanics are long gone. In the Warfare branch Leading Seaman then the trade.
  12. No wah,I know very little about the ways of the fish heads.