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Sailor defends base in Helmand from attack

As a civvy, I've found myself carrying ammo to sangars whilst the site was under attack in Helmand, I've also helped septics move artillery shells to the guns whilst they were carrying out a fire mission in Lowgar. Do I get a mention?

I also held an FMT600 as a civvy in a war-zone.

I've found that I've had more "Interesting times" out of uniform than I did when I wore green.
Is this really news? The exact same thing happens every day, involves Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Air Force personnel and is really nothing special in Helmand. To make this appear to be something out of the ordinary is a gross insult to the armed forces personnel - male and female - for whom this is a daily occurance.
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FFS, take your head for a wibble


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quite right he should too, our jolly jack tars used to be happy fighting an action on land servicing the great guns before going back to his ship.

with no navy now I suspect more of the same.


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Interesting captiosn for the photos though as they indicate she is pointing her rifle at a compound... Is the compound airborne?

Well done to her though, slightly out of her comfort zone i imagine :)


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Christ how bad a cook was she they booted her of the ship and sent her to Afghanistan?

AB Telford was formally trained to be a chef aboard ship. During her first deployment she served in the galley on board HMS Portland. It was during this deployment that her commanding officer recommended AB Telford for assignment to the next Female Engagement Team going to Afghanistan.
That's some write up they've gave her lets hope she dosen't get injured she'll be the new Princess Di

I would have been more impressed if you'd wrote:

On hearing the sound of the gun AB Telford broke the weapon down into a number of pieces
AB Telford ran, swung across a ravine before putting the weapon back together and firing a number of rounds
AB Telford then stripped the weapon ran swung back across the ravine and raised a flag

A text was sent to the last two ships in the fleet of the result
how long is it going to take before this thread degrades into sometime along the lines of

"able seaman? I'll show her my able semen"

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