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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by thegreyman, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    I am trying to organise a weekend of sailing AT out of Portsmouth next year for about half a dozen of our unit. Does anyone have a recent JSATFA I can plagerise from? I will be trying to secure one of the Vic 34's for the event.

  2. I've organised a few of these. For sailing weekends I didn't bother with a JSATFA as it is aot of work to get CILOR etc for such a short time. Normally the crew chip in a fiver or so each to cover the food and mooring weekend and it saves alot of paper work. If you still want a JSATFA message me and i can send you one.
  3. Suggest you contact your Regimental Adventure Training Officer (RATO) or the AT bloke at Div HQ. If you're only going for a weekend you should be able to cover the event under the 48 Hour rule which can be found in AGAI Vol 1 Ch 11 or by reading the relevent JSP. As JSATFA's are all now produced electronically there is little point in cutting and pasting as each box has to be done individually and its quicker to type! The only time saver might be in the "Risk Assessment" boxes but if you speak to Gosport they'll probably let you have a generic one.
  4. Thanks Gents
  5. Can you pm me I'll let you have the risk register admin instruction etc did one last year!
  6. Risk Assesment for sailing is on the JSASTC website under the documents tab.

    Watch out for the safety briefing timings if you're going with JSASTC, as these can sometimes (from experience) trip you up. Don't forget, your corps boats too, although they'll cost you (frankly next to nothing) they're a little "easier" to organise and the availablity is higher.

  7. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Corps yachts every time. The REME in particular have some great boats - Halberg Rasseys - which are available for charter for a really good price (can't remember how much). Friendly, well-cared for, just around the corner from JSASTC. I don't have a phone number but I'm sure a phone around Arborfield would do the trick and if not then I could find out the number fairly quickly. I wasn't REME by the way so there's no bias here.
  8. The numbers for Corps yachts are all on the ASA website. Also you could try booking a yacht from Sultan (moored in the JSASTC marina), they have some MOD owned yachts so are free and you can take civvies for £35 to cover insurance. Sultan aren't as strict on the Briefing times, the skipper has to book a Induction on the yacht and so can be aranged to suit you.
  9. PM sent.

    Thanks in advance
  10. Seconded. And I have no REME connections. £130 per day.