Sailing in the Baltic

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Operator, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Anyone going on this trip in September? anyone been before? What sort of time can i look forward to?
  2. Went with The London and was fantastic, but maybe its because we did win overall :D Make sure you get a good boat where you get on with everyone else cause otherwise it'll be hell! Try and make sure they aren't lazy Kuntz as the boat'll be in rag order and you'll end up doing more cleaning than drinking at the end! Oh if you're lucky try and nab a Kiel skipper cause they are bloody awesome, obviously!

    The social is great cause the boat is absolutely choca-block stuffed with beer ballast ! :D and most nights you stop off somewhere scandinavian so theres at least a few pubs to go and check out the fe/male talent! The pimms party held by the previous years winners is a good laugh and its usually fancy dress so the more outlandish the better, and girls the less the better! :)
    The other boats are generally very friendly and on the night before the first race you get a 'buddy boat' to meet up and drink with! beware its a tight squeeze fitting 16 people into a single boat!
    Look out for some teams they are a bit keen and do a bit of sailing immediately prior (cheeky!).
    Main thing is have fun, work hard during the races and if you happen to win BONUS!

    Oh by the way i got the squitz from a dodgy jerman 'pizza' you have been WARNED!
  3. I'm also looking to go on this with the London lot. Sounds like a lot of fun. It was sold to me at the annual dinner by a cadre chappie.
  4. Bounce... any of yous lot there. High/low points?

    That Irish theme bar in Sondeberg was cracking, and the crew races good fun too. More charged than the regular races possibly.
  5. it was awesome, although we weren't exactly fighting for the top spot!

    High points definitely include skua being advised "they're probably better armed than you; do what they say" and "that'll explain the wreckage then"

    Low points include a certain accident in one of the first races which didn't help us with the rest of the week and managing to find small areas of the baltic with no wind and allowing us a good view of other boats sailing off into the distance!

    I did ask frodo for a photo of the whole group, but he hasn't got in touch, so if anyone has a copy they can email, let me know!
  6. lol, yes Skua's run in with the German Navy was certainly amusing. Broke up the monotony of drifting at the end of that race with no wind. Take it you ripped your spinnaker outside Faaborg? or did you bust your safety rail?

    Teal (mate)
  7. An awesome trip all round... except for the unsafe safety line.
  8. ripped spinnaker.

    Awesome trip though, can't wait to try it next year with the full set of sails!
  9. Has anyone got any good photos from this? Looking for sailing action and the end group photo.
  10. I've got a few, but can't work out how to send them, you can't add attachments to a pm?