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Does anyone (of the current vast readership!) know if you can get any public money from AT sources towards major 'civi' trips?  In this case Antigua race week.  Also, does anyone know of an Army / JS entry?
After leaving the army. I went working as a professional yachtsman for 3 years. I did Antigua race week on two of those occasions. But I never recalled any army or joint services entry's. How ever, Sunsail have a base there, & it has been known for people to charter from them. In order to enter the race week. ::)
I now work in sports sponsorship and have been intimately involved in the BT Global Challenge and now the Volvo Ocean Race.

I now there was some talk of a JS entry for the next Volvo although whether this race remains in the same format is very much up for debate.  Also, to attract private investment there needs to be a very strong marketing rationale behind any proposition.  Sadly many of the plans/bids I occassionaly see from JS sources lack real knowledge of a modern sponsors expectations.  The current market is tighter than a knats chuff for cash for those sort of events.

Apologies for sounding so  :-[
You'll not get AT funds for Antigua Week. Because it's a competition it counts as sport therefore doesn't qualify as AT (!!)

Try Army Sports Lottery - if you're a member they'll give up to £300 (I think) per person tp cover travel.

Apparently there's also an International competitor's grant available - up to about £700 annually. Never applied for this myself because I only found out about it recently. I think it's probably aimed at Olympians, etc but you never now. If you don't ask they can't say yes.

Both the above can be bid for through Army Sports Control Board - Secretary Sailing & Hockey is who you need to speak with.

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