Sailing from Kiel

Can anybody help and give me a few ideas for a good 10 day itinary sailing from Kiel around the Baltic. AM only day skipper so have to keep in those boundaries. I was thinking defo soenderberg and svendborg. Any other reccomendations??

Also if anybody knows the going rate for berthing fees in the area then that'll be great if you can let me know.
Aarhus is an awsome night on the lash. You'll find it half way up Denmark. Has a night club on an old ferry in the harbour and lots of really good drinking establishments dotted around town.

Do you need any Comp Crew for the trip?
Marstel has always been a winner. Small town 2 pubs, one of them an Irish pub which has always had live music on my visits.
Otherwise Svenburg, Sonderborg and Aarhus are always good nights out.
Tides are the most important in the Kiel area. If it's the sames as ONE I, no mechanical aide to docking in any port.

Turn east, you'll find a good a welcome as you would west. 3 days east should get you within drinking distance of amazing cultures and women. Enjoy


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The RAC Regatta always used to start with a race to Marstal to break in the new boys then up the channel and round the corner to overnight at Aeroskobin (sp - it's a quarter century).

Aeroskobin is small, but there's a campsite that attracts Swedish blondes (oh yes - sadly they'll be pushing 50 now ...) and the pub at the end of the mole draws the campers in.

Flensburg is an easy sail up the coast from Kiel then an interesting transit down a long fiord. Only went there once. ISTR it was a long walk from the marina to the town.

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