Sage like advice for BBQ's?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kyle6327, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Well gentlemen it's that time of yet again. BBQ time. Now whilst I have attended many many BBQ
  2. Well that was a mong like attempt at starting a thread. Anyway where was I? Ah yes BBQs.

    Whilst iv been to many I have never been the "senior man", responsible for the actual BBQing. And as it is the season, with a brand spanking new barbie bought and built I was after some nuggets of advice from the men of arrse.

    What is the acceptable beer to food ratio?
    How do I avoid killing my guests with food poisoning?
    How exactly does one go bout BBQing eggs?

    And any other advice from other BBQ gurus would be appreciated. And as this is the naafi- fuck the search function, cunt shit arse tit
  3. 1) There is no ratio, just don't run out of beer though.
    2) Precook certain things like chicken and pork ribs.
    3) As for BBQ Eggs, you either know or you don't, it's s secret passed down from father to son and it may not leave the family on pain of death, you just have to make sure that you find a BBQ Egg Guru before you start.
    4) Don't run out of beer!!
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  4. great piece of kit if there is just a few people. Can even cook a small chicken or bake bread in it. Things don't tend to cremate in it either.
  5. It looks good jarrod but does it do eggs?
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  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    eggs ffs
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  7. Err if you buy the frying pan yes.
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  8. It's easy boil for 3 mins for a medium sized egg 31/2 mins for a large one. Soft boiled of course.
  9. As Joker said, don't run out beer. No, don't.

    Make sure its burning hot enough before you start lobbing on half cows and freshly shot rabbits, that way it'll cook and not just burn the outside. Also, don't drink a WHOLE case of Stella whilst 'cooking', it will end in tears.

    Also you shouldn't really be considering even attending a BBQ if you don't know how to do eggs, what are you, a fucking puff?
  10. Get yourself a BFO 22 inch cast iron frying pan. Does great curries on the braai. Snack on that while you wait for the boerie and steak to cook.

    Find yourself a Saffer butcher to help you with the meat. He'll also give you a few ideas for toasties and other things you can chuck on the braai.
  11. This is all good stuff on the eggs but anything on the art of a successful BBQ?
  12. It's simple good quality meat and lots of it. Make your own kebabs and burgers and make sure loads of sauces and a tiny bit of salad is available.
  13. I'm more of a Carlseberg man to be honest . And I'm not a puff. Just a youngster taking his first tentative steps towards senior manhood. At 27 I thought it was about time.
  14. Isn't salad what food eats?
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