SAfricas Zuma urges Afrikaners to help build equal nation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mac1, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Do you think they might be missing aspects of white rule?
  2. No. Crookedness is alive and well in RSA politics.
  3. More likely missing all the white doctors, lawyers, engineers etc who had the good sense to get the fcuk out off Dodge... :twisted:
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Mr Zuma isn't missing white rule, he's missing the 40% straight tax rate on my salary and people that can make power stations work.

    Went out for a visit in Feb and got a lecture from the guy in immigration how I shouldn't use my Brit Passport and if I wasn't careful I might lose my SA citizenship. Oh how I laughed.....
  5. Looks like he's taken a butchers over the border and didn't like what he's seen.
  6. I think he's worried about the white south africans who are looking at trying to get their own states, their are more than double the number of white S.Africans than their are Kosovans, imagine if they decided to centralise and declare independence like the Volkstaat movement and similar boer ideas have proposed?
  7. Yeah, he'd sh1t himself if the Orange Free State or the Northern Transval declared independance. But I can't see it happening. I think too many Boers have decided RSA is a lost cause and want to bug out. Leave the kaffirs to sleep in the bed they made...
  8. Yeah, the hordes of dispossessed Zimbabweans flocking to get across the Limpopo and find work in South Africa. I've seen estimates as high as three million although around two million seems like a more realistic number but when you consider that Zimbabwe only has a population of just over thirteen million and the conditions the refugees are willing to live and work in, taking away jobs from locals which is sure the worry the politicians, it paints a pretty bleak picture.
  9. that's what I think; A South African friend told me there are a million South Africans in London alone. Maybe I should have rephrased my first post. It certainly looks like they're realising just how much the whites contributed to South Africa and what they'd lose if they all left. The friend seemed strangely (at the time) optimistic about Africaaner's future in SA. After seeing this article, I'm beginning to think that maybe he had a point.
  10. meh, Zuma is not exactly known for his honesty and common sense.

    He is despoately trying to get the suport of the whites before they all piss off and let SA go the way of Zim

  11. I thought they were:

    "The 65-year-old Zuma is to go on trial in August on 16 charges of fraud, corruption, racketeering and money-laundering after being formally charged on December 28."

    Actually, Zuma has realised, as all naturally indigenous Africans eventually do, that they have an unfillable deficit of leadership, managerial and technical skills, and that without non-natural indigenous assistance their workers paradises are all doomed to fail. At least he has now openly admitted this - things must be getting bad.
  12. This is called "capacity" in SA. It's the Big Word - only voiced in hushed tones - and together with "airfare" and "Australia, please", is the hot topic of conversation these days.