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Inspired by Arrsepedia, we started a Southern African version about a month ago. Some 10 000 page visits and 400+ pages later (on a "closed" site!) we believe that we now have something that may be of interest to people here. Not being particularly political (big or small P or p), or commercial or aligned.... we now seem to have created something that can educate, intrigue, entertain or infuriate all-comers. Contributors come at us from all angles and over the "holiday period" we received a deluge of material. Apart from respecting a few essential sensitivities, we allow just about anything to stand.
A wide range of interest groups have linked in with us and there is a real "allsorts" signposted from here; high strategy to low humour, ancient history to current affairs, inside and outside perspectives. dogma and revisionist, recce and remf ..... just about anything.
As a wiki, people add their own perspectives / insights and interests; a current inf, int, marines, AF, 32 Bn, woman's service, academic, arty, medic and RS'sM flavour prevails at present. A quantity of material of INTerest to this forum is also documented.
We also have a couple of "Projects" on the go, documenting war graves is one, supporting guys on service is another, recognising some WW2 casualties in Ghana, yet another, but the biggie involves raising 20k to return the remains of a few mates "left" behind in Angola. To this end, we are organising a "one man's junk is another's treasure" auction. This will result in some really rare and unusual bits of kit, momentos and other strange things becoming available to the general public. There may even be a marching compass or two! Details to be posted on the site.
So, if any of the above blurb is of interest, we would invite you to visit us at the following url:
A password is required, this is (case sensitive):
Anyone who wishes to contribute anything of relevance will be most welcome. Please PM me for access details and "Acceptable Use" policy.

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