Saffer Drug dealer 'set up' by ex US Marine...

Shades of the Peru 2 here.
Saffer lass heads off to Thailand to teach English.
Meets bloke, ex US marine, allegedly, who gives her a job at bar/disco restaurant.
(stop sniggering, you know where this is going....)
She signs for a package which contains.... drugs!
Oh dear, the poor innocent lamb.
Death sentence imposed. later commuted to Life.
Now the supposed boyfriend is protesting HER innocence. Allegedly. admits it was him. But refuses to head to Thailand to do the right thing,
His warped reasoning?
He was asked why he hasn’t returned to Thailand to free Ashley when he knows she’s innocent. He responded:

“Because accepting a life sentence for importing harmless MDMA for consenting adults after governments just forcibly vaccinated millions (sic) against their will with experimental cocktails, would be bowing to tyrants. I do not bow to tyrants, I kill them.”

Can one of our USMC-connected types see if this chap actually exists?

Tristan Nettles.
He was expelled from five middle schools as well as seven high schools for drug dealing and assault. He has been to court and in jail on numerous occasions for both offenses, including 56 days in the brig while serving on active duty in the Marine Corps infantry at Quantico, VA in 2009.

I smell a LOT of BS in this story.

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