Saffa's still joining?

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Syk0t1k, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Any saffas still taking the plunge and ditching SA for the BA?? i was on the verge in 09 then got into a serious relationship which ruined that plan... now im back and really want to pursue this long lost dream of mine... i will not be stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life... :eh:
  2. Chop your cock off so it doesn't make any more crap decisions for you.
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  3. You have already shown yourself to be weak, its the AGC for you or maybe a career as a NAAFI gronk
  4. When you use your cock as a compass you generally get lost!

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  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Rich advice from you.
  6. Oh I dunno, it has got me around the world a few times.
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  7. C'mon Cuts, dish the dirt, ideally with pics! :)
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    A party at his house looks like someone threw a bit of chalk at a blackboard.
  9. You evil ****. That's the last time you and your harem are invited. I'll save a fortune on the apricot jam your ntombezaans nick.
  10. come on :thumbdown: no need to be so harsh... haha at least im back on track!
  11. I'm over here in the process of joining up! If you haven't left SA yet, drop me a PM - I've got some tips that'll save you at least a month or two of waiting around in the UK during the recruiting process!
  12. They definitely are. Whether in the same numbers as say 10 years ago though, i'm unsure.

    A few words of advice from a fellow countryman:

    - Rifles, Paras, Guards are where most of us seem to be. There are plenty of us there. Aim to join the best and you will be rewarded with motivated, professional peers. (The face of of the British Army the advertising shows you)

    - I hate to say it but by the same token consider earning yourself a Green Lid.

    - Read through the posts on this forum. Expect the same banter every day for as long as you choose to do.

    - As a SAFFA you will most likely be finding yourself in London quite often. Thinking of your predisposition to following your cock you might be lucky and find yourself a nice little flossie. If you want to spend your life missioning back and forth between her and whatever shithole you are based at (after coming home shattered and pissed wrapped from Brecon on a friday afternoon), then spending your hard earned dollar on petrol, her, and booze in (insert S.London borough), before getting ditched when she realizes that 7 months away is actually a long time without a bit of root on the side, then by all means. However, what you need to do is stop being a soppy ****.

    - Work hard and you WILL do well.

    Good luck. PM me by all means. I'm sure I can shed some more light on the situation!
  13. We are getting a few trickling in to the RAAF here in Oz. Not sure about our Army. Hearing some shocking storys about corruption poor maintennance and training standards there in the SADF etc
  14. Please gerrit right!!!