SAFFA seeking Sandhurst / Soldier

Good day all.

I am a South African Citizen, qualified as a fixed wing pilot, just finished the first year of my degree through London university external programme, seeking to ultimately attend RMAS. However ;

- I do not meet the residency requirements having only been in the UK for 6 months
- Age is against me , I am turning 25 in 2012
- Currently I am a non-graduate (though I am aware RMAS accepts Non-Grads)

My passion is leadership. Always has, always will be. As a commonwealth citizen I am allowed to join immediately as a soldier now. Which is lovely. I am planning on joining as a soldier as soon as I get all my ducks in a row.

My question to you as a community is: Is this a realistic goal (RMAS) I am setting myself ? If so, what advice would you give me to maximise the possibility of me getting in?

Tried to keep this as concise as possible. Happy to provide more information as required.

Thanking you in advance.

I have done some research. And now have some different questions.

After chatting to a soldier on the live chat function of the army website it seems as a soldier you can attend RMAS up until the age of 29. That leaves me roughly a four year period to get the nod from a CO. Would it be terrible being somewhere between 27 and 29 at RMAS ? Would my options post Sandhurst be severely limited due to age ? Any advice or input from someone who has experience in this would be greatly appreciated. Would love to hear from a South African who is serving.

Even a good tongue lashing would do. I've abused the search button but most of the stuff is quite old.

Thanks in advance
Be warned that there are lots of rumours going around that the age limit for RMAS is going to decrease down to 25, potentially 27 for AGC.

But this will only apply after May 2012, so if you can somehow rush paperwork through to get a briefing done and a main board pass by then you will still have until 29 to enter Sandhurst.

Non grad isn't an issue, quite a few people go to RMAS as non grads now.

I think your main problem is the residency requirement and trying to get paperwork smashed through in your time frame. Best bet is to go to the Army Careers Office and see if they can help.
Commentator. Thanks so much for the reply. That is worrying news. My ticket is booked for 12 Jan 2012 now. My heart is to lead men so I am praying to get into Sandhurst, so at the same time I am not in anyway disappointed at the idea of being a soldier for my entire career. Thank you for your reply. I should be a grad by 2014 even if I serve as a soldier as I have done my first year whilst working, so hoping I can continue in that vain. Watching BBC's doc on Sandhurst at the moment and just know I am meant to be there. Thanks again
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