Safety Toe DBs

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by smallbrownprivates, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know of a UK stockist of Desert Boots with a safety toe cap (steel or composite)?

    Most google results come up with products in the US not stocked over here.
    Uktactical, Drop Zone, HM supplies etc no joy.
    Most have black boots (e.g Magnums and similar) w/t Toecap, but not the tan suede.
    Need something to keep tootsies cool(ish) and intact!

    Any steers much appreciated!
  2. Thanks, but looking for a higher leg version with a bellows tongue and breathable panels to reduce the clotted sand castles that dribble out at the end of each day.

    Lots of types available in US, but minimum order is 600....
  3. Are you my RQ lol
  4. only ones i can think of are 5.11 xprt boots. they have a composite kicker toecap that does`nt completely go over the toe area but may be suitable

  5. Converse do a pair with a ceramic toe cap, one of the chaps on here was selling a new pair earlier on!
  6. You could phone Altbergs asking them really nicely if they can create one for you. Trip to factory would be on the cards.

    Altama sell desert flight line boot, as worn by Uncle Sams version of the AAC
  7. Sorted - Security Pro USA - though the shipping is a fair chunk at$65 for $105 boots :( , still meets the requirements!
  8. Give GOLIATH FOOTWEAR a call, they maybe able to help.

    HQ in the UK

    BD19 3QF

    Homepage - GOLIATH

    Tel; 0845 330 6430

    They attend military sales events and emergency services shows etc.
  9. Mate , Shoezone. Dont know if it is a national chain however here in Pompey steel toe-capped DBs for under £20. probably made by 5 years olds in Thailand however for that price, give me child labour any day!! Mate of mine is a brickie, goes through a pair every few months however as self emplolyed a very cheap tax deductible. If they appeal, PM me and if ure not in the area or cant find a branch I'll get them for you and send them on.