Safety row threatens poppy parade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by levi, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. I saw this little article regarding Safety row threatens poppy parade .
    For more than 80 years the town has shown its respect for those who died in wars with a march around the streets to a local church.

    But this year they have been told to amend their route, something the local British Legion say will reduce it to a "short walk" and a "farce". LINK

    This is so sad that poppy parade will be cancelled because the council has also asked the Legion to change the format and have the wreath-laying ceremony before the church service.
  2. "What they are saying is that under health and safety regulations, because it is a public event they would have to put closures on the surrounding roadways."

    What a croc of poo.

    Its a case of someone misunderstanding the role of H&S.

    Yes they may have to put closures but they are only short term.

    Just do like every other town in this country pause the traffic for the short time it will take.
  3. Sixty

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    Hello Chubb. Back so soon?
  4. This is disgusting the council should repsect the british legion like they have for the last 80 years .
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    This tedious topic comes up every year. It's got feck all to do with H&S and everything to do with penny-pinching risk averse councils with no understanding whatsoever of what the law actually requires.

    Last year it was all about increased costs of policing these parades now it seems to be about increasing costs (and dare I say it a few minutes inconvenience) of road closures

    If someone can show me the H&S law that says roads must be closed for public events then please do.

    I recall several years ago coming through my village at about five to three on Remembrance Sunday having forgotten that the British Legion marches up through the village to the church for a 1500 service. Cars were being stopped. I stopped my engine, got out and stood by the side of the road. I was the only one who bothered. The chav behind me was even revving his engine till a Policeman walked over to him. I bet the council doesn't want to inconvenience its Sunday shoppers....
  6. do it anyway police will turn up mob handed but not likely to try batoning war veterans are they.
    thats what the edm hippys do :x
  7. Welsh television news had the bloke from HSE Wales on this afternoon.
    He was interviewed because he wanted to say categorically that it was nothing to do with the HSE and it was purely down to the local council
  8. I find it wonderfully ironic that a parade may have to be cancelled, for 'H&S Reasons', that is to remember men who died in the most appalling and dangerous conditions known to man. We'll never forget them, unless I'm likely to stub my toe then they can fcuk right off.
  9. Are you that bloodthirsty?
  10. "A nation that forgets its past has no future." (W.Ch.) -- now, that is a real H&S concern!
  11. Flasheart has already identified Cala as Chubb, other one seems in same mode too, maybe it's clusterfcuk?
  12. These blokes charged through fields filled with Bombs Bullets and Baddies for us. We can't even walk down a tarmac street in an orderly fashion anymore without "Serious risk."

    Its a good job the Russians aren't in the mood to invade us these days... The hair gel generation would bottle it at the beaches.
  13. :? I thought it was Germans both Brits and Russians were fighting against... Well I never!... :D
  14. Health & Safety = good
    Bored jobsworth who doesn't fancy working on Remembrance Sunday = bad
  15. As in no more cold war where we need to have teenagers with big sidies and Taches to hold back the threat from the east.

    Mind you I suppose watch this space is in order on this subject. :D