Safety kit Nsn numbers

I'm after the NSN for long sleeve hi vis jacket/tops on doing a search I found this below from Quaker;

You could try these:

8415 99 575 0605 - 0609 Jacket High Visability Yellow (S - XXL)

Zip Front, Long Sleeved, No Logo's & Reflective Tapes on Body & Arms.

Check out JSP 437



Is this the number still to be used??? I dont want to order a box full of sh*te.

Also is there any such thing as red and white lights(NSN) to be used for markers when taking a squad out running.

Thanks in advance
From memory, that was quite a chunky jacket, probably not best suited for running. Check the JSP like he says, as if it's the one I think it is, it has loads of pictures so you can see what the stuff looks like before you order it.
I should be able to do that from DII???? (I'm a stab so limited access)
I used a hivis jacket(same as a lightweight vest but with arms) this weekend, it was piss thin(but will check first!!!).
Thanks for the reply.
You should be able to get it on dii, though as I am currently without a dii terminal, I can't confirm. There is a big list of JSPs available.
For anyone else who my want these, I looked them up last night

To clarify;
8415 99 575 0605 small
0606 med
0607 Lrg
0608 XL
0609 XXL
Jacket High Visability Yellow (S - XXL)

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