Safety Job In the Ukraine starts Jan-feb 08

Hi peeps (sorry Mods if this is in the wrong place but an ex-sapper is ideally what we are looking for)

I am a Construction Safety Ninja and all round good fella, have been working the last few years for a rather large company indeed in fact the largest in the world for what it does, I'm a contractor but sort of number one favoured son as it were....however work is so thick and fast on the ground that the powers that be want someone ... a number two favoured support me on a project in the Ukraine early next year.

If you are a H&S ninja looking for work pm me

for the cash they are paying me I'd do it wearing a tutu and doing a Julian Clary accent if they wanted me too... but that would only be a bonus wouldnt it!!
Not interested in the job, but I am married to a Ukrainian and if anyone wants to know what it's like out there, I'll be happy to let them know! If your interested in meeting some of the locals, they are stunning by the way, take a trip to the River Palace Nite Club in Kiev. You'll be treated like a premier footballer and the birds are gagging for western blokes! Also forget booking a two week holiday to Spain or any other of the Med tourist places, take a trip to the Crimea on the Black Sea. The flights are cheap, about £250 to Kiev then £100 to the Crimea. You can rent a two bed roomed flat for about $25 a day and it's dirt cheap, about £2 for a three course meal and £2 for a bottle of Champagne. Take a couple of hundred quid for a week and I promise you will have the time of your life and bring back money. I recommend this break if your planning a stag holiday forget Amsterdam or Benidorm.
Sorry to change the subject slightly, but when you go to the Ukraine, any chance you can find out where Andrei Shevchenko is?

Its only that Chelsea payed 30mil for this look-a-like bloke who couldnt kick a ball for toffee
I'm told it is rough working down the Coal Mines out there, as they have the second worse death rate, only second to China who kill hundreds every week!
Better in open battle, at least you can see your enemy!
Cheers for the tip Teddy, I'm going to be working in Orhkid....Ordhkod.....somewhere near Dneipopetrovsk... Odessa Oblast! ok the girls are gorgeous and gagging but I heard Kiev was the Aids capital of the ex soviet Bloc states!! extra diving suit thickness neoprene nodders for wee Geo!!

Charlie, Mee no workee in Coal minee!! so i'll be ok there then!!

D-S ALL footballers are overpaid nonces... so if the Chelsea paid so much for this nonce well unlucky!! support a real sport like championship tiddlywinks... now that takes skill and the players dont cost 30 Mil... the home and away strips are cheap so that little Johhny doesnt cost dad an arm and a leg each christmas, birthday and every other weekend!!