Safety Briefing

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by The_sharp_edge, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have to give a safety briefing for a (TA) Orienteering weekend out in the field, I think i have most of it covered but is there a list i should follow or do you make it up for the Ex you are doing?

    Thank you

    The Weather
    The Equipment check.
    The location of the “Start” and “Finish”.
    The cut off time.
    The importance of reporting back by that time regardless of course completion.
    The area to be used – including its boundaries (e.g. stay in the forest), dangerous areas (e.g. crags), out of bounds sections (e.g. private property).
    What to do if lost
    Specific hazards - e.g. dangers to eyes near low branches, the risks of crossing slippery rock or of steep descents at speed.
    First aid and emergency procedures
    The relevance of the Country Code.
  2. Do you have a PTI for top cover? or are you the PTI. You might have to fill in a Risk Assesment proforma....a pain I know, but usualy a necessity where there is the potential for injury......this is where the assistance/ advice of a PTI would be usefull, through I think you have covered just about all you need to.
  3. Actions on lost to be fabloned - 3 copies for any officers, including a note in their mobile phone and possible tatoos. Actually - you're best off just not letting them compete.
  4. Ex safety Action Plan?

    You'll find a copy in the BCD disk the update team were giving out.