Safe Streets ? My experiance yesterday

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sixty_three, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. The wife and me went up to see my Daughter yesterday who is at University and have been really looking forward to it.
    We had a great day lunch, shopping and generaly catching up on news.
    We was walking back to the campus around 16.30hrs yesterday afternoon when a scumball approached us and started demanding money obviously to fund his drug use.
    I just said "No" and carried on walking with my wife and daughter under a hail of abuse from the scum bag which was not a problem to me.Next thing there was glass falling around us.The scum was that pissed off he had thrown somthing at me and it broke a small window.
    This really frietend my wife and daughter so I gave chase to kick feck out of this scumer who wanted to hurt my family.He managed to give me the slip but Im sure he knew he was going to get a good kicking off me.
    On reflection and having calmed down if I had caught this scum and laid in to him most likely it would have been me seen as the scum in the Courts and the drug addict getting compensation, counceling and me the "Veteran" in deep shit.
  2. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I wish you'd got him and gave the fcuker a damn good kicking because i fear it is the only language these people understand.

    Hope the family are ok mate
  3. You are right the law would come down on you for giving him the kicking he deserved. Howver he put your family in "iminent" danger and the Criminal Law Act 1963 allows you to defend yourself.
  4. Not if he has already thrown away the weapon and is running away.

    The key as always is not to get caught.
  5. Ahh that is when common law kicks in - citizens arrest and "reasonable" force. If you suspect a crime has been committed, personally I wouldn't put it to the test.
    The drug addled pr*ck probably made a hasty exit in the Ford Focus he has been given through claiming disability
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    sorry to hear of your experience. random street encounters like this are never pleasent
  7. However, the law says that it

    Sadly, by giving chase and (hopefully) giving the tw*t a shoeing, you are NOT defending yourself (or The Boss and daughter) you would be assaulting the b*sta*rd.

    Tony Martin's case comes to mind. If he'd shot the guy in the house everything would have been OK, but he shot the guy in the back as he was running away. Therefore, murder.

    Not trying to be Devils Advocate, I too think this law is poorly thought out.
  8. You're right, actually it doesn't. You can't reply on 'common law' principles any more. Citizens arrest is not what it used to be, if it even exists any more. You can be done for assault and other 'crimes' just for holding someone against their will. Remember the old dear that got fined for poking a youth in the chest just a few weeks ago.
    It's madness but that's the state of play now. That's what my local NPT Sergeant informed me just a few weeks ago.
    This is why we're getting this "take a photo and report it" nonsense. Just make sure it's not got a policeman pictured in it.
    Policing should be by consent with the support of the community. This useless government have taken all that away in favour of targets and stupid rules and paperwork.
    If a policeman arrests someone nowadays he has a mountain of forms to fill in - which takes him off the streets for several hours. For a citizen to do it results in investigation against him/her for possible transgression of laws which no one understands. I sincerely hope that if the Tories get in at the next General Election that they will undo a lot of this red tape and nonsense, but I won't be holding my breath.
  9. Feckin scumbag i wish you'd caught him and knocked seven bells out of him but like you say you'd have been in the sh*t,
    i'm sick of hearing about cases like this where the scumbag gets off and gets treated like they're a victim of society and get tax payers money wasted on their disgraceful existence through counselling which only serves to make them believe that they've done nothing wrong, that everyone except themselves are responsible for the way they turned out and that they could probably sue somebody for not teaching them that attacking/stealing from other people is actually wrong while the real victim are usually told by the authorities "there's nothing we can do" unless you try to defend yourself, then we can arrest you and make you look like an out of control thug.

    I hope this incident hasn't affect your wife and daughter too much mate
  10. The only way that the Law would not screw you for giving him a kicking would be for protecting your daughter.

    If for example she was the one that sprinted after and caught up with the yob,and you turned up several seconds later to find that you " feared for her life " and had to restrain him.

    Of course that means no witness,no cctv or anything to go against your version of the event.....a lot of planning to give some righteous justice to the deserving.
  11. Sorry to be boringly practical but there are a few things you can do to help you and others in the future.
    You need to report this whole incident to Campus Security. They don't want druggies aggressively begging on the Campus and upsetting students, staff and parents alike. If you can describe him then they would probably be able to spot him on their CCTV. Once identified they can take steps to ensure that he is kept off Campus in the future. Most universities have a Police Campus Liaison Officer and he, if necessary can take steps to have an ASBO placed upon said druggie.
    You are probably lucky that you didn't catch him. Druggies tend to suffer from such delights as AIDS and Hepatitis C, their personal hygiene is often non-existent so fleas, lice etc are profligate and (as happened to a mate of mine) if you punch him in the mouth and cut your knuckle on his teeth then be prepared for a massive infection which could place your whole hand in danger.
    As a post script you protected your wife and daughter but you've obviously larded up a bit since your airborne days so perhaps a visit to the gym is in order. ;)

  12. Nothing like a bit of hard love is their?
  13. What is this "love" you humans speak off :? :twisted:

    While I would happily exterminate every member of the untermench class in this country, as others have pointed out: you were damn lucky he was faster than you.

    You had better believe that giving him a shoeing would result in plod and the courts coming down on you like a ton of rectangular building things. Nothing is more certain to cause plod/judges to have a sense of humour failure than a citizen "taking the law into their own hands." :roll:

    Vigilante justice is a fine and noble tradition. As long as you don't get caught. :wink:
  14. One thing you can do is always carry a digital camera.

    One the one hand, you might get a good photo of the gobsh1te to pass on to the Old Bill.

    On the other, the scumbag might realise this, and try to take the camera off you -- thus ensuring that you were actually being assaulted at the time you defended yourself with reasonable force, as a result of which Mr. S. Bag suffered the regrettable and unforseeable fatal injury of which he is now complaining, M'lud.

    Good luck to you and anyone else who has the guts to stand up to the scumbags, too.

    All the best,

  15. One way to get back at him..

    Stick your tounge out at him...
    Then run like fück....