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Wee message for you from some long lost friends. High quality personalised version being sent to you that you can print out and frame for your new flat.

I didn't tell you that a schoolfriend of mine is a DC Thompson cartoonist. He was delighted to draw one just for you.

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Well, I’ve pretty much run out of adjectives to use for the 745th post as they’ve all been taken, so….(channelling Young Mr Grace)…You’ve all done very well! (Those of you of a certain age will now have his wheelchair pusher front and centre in your mind!)

I’m sorry I couldn’t be part of the overseas operation. After the 17th December, if you can bring yourself to use the services of a civvy who‘s happy to travel from West Sussex, can graft, get his hands dirty to get things done and can buy a round, please do let me know.
Forces united corps knife edge detachement


Agreed and seconded. With one minor caveat: the official name of the away team should be the ARRSE Raiding Party. Just rolls off the tongue, don't you think? ;)
I think that might lead to a few misunderstandings...

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