Safe from cuts!?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by LJKennedy, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering as I'm going through the app process, how safe are new recruits from the cuts?

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  2. It all depends you may get cuts and grazes when leopard crawling in Phase 1 training.
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  3. Knifes and bayonets can be pretty sharp, so always make sure you use them correctly, this will protect you from any potential cuts.
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  4. No one is ever safe from paper cuts, them bitches just sneak up and bite when you least expect them
  5. You get quite a lot of PPE these days. I'm not certain, but I wouldn't be surprised if they even have you wearing osprey during Phase 1. Obviously you'll get your helmet and gloves, and you can always buy knee pads.
  6. You wouldn't be put through training if you were to be given the sack within your initial contract period. It's expensive and the system is as tight as a gnat's chuff. If the initial unit is to be disbanded, more likely you'd be put elsewhere, which is also cheaper.
  7. Best bring some TCP then can't handle that stuff! What about all military cut backs? Are new recruits safe from them?

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  8. As most of today's youth will have tried cutting, due to breaking up with a girlfriend, failing an exam or not being able to get tickets for a Justin Beiber gig, I don't see the OPs problem.
  9. You can get some nasty cuts from brambles, if you leave your sleeves down that will stop some of them though

    As for militrary cuts, get once of these you should be ok

  10. Hair cuts can be pretty extreme and result in psychological scarring from the ridicule you will endure on your first return home.
  11. Sorry didn't see that, it was a bit of a stupid question to be fair but thanks for clearing it up!

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  12. I should be okay with that one my dad's a ginger slap nut so his not in the right position to unleash the grief!

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