Safariland holsters

Does anyone know of a uk based retailer who stocks the Safariland Holster range?

Plenty of them in the states but I've had dramas with banking and customs in the past.

Buy on ebay. I've had no problems with Paypal, and only been billed by customs once.

In my experience many sellers mark items as a gift thereby making them exempt from duty!


Kit Reviewer
Since the govt handgun theft there has been little call for holsters in the majority of the UK, although the inhabitants in NI were still permitted their personal protection weapons.

If you think you really can't live without a Safariland rig contact them here, but you will be as well served with other makes.

You could do a lot worse than trying Andy Arratoonian at Horseshoe Leather, he makes some of the world's best holsters - US designs made in the finest English bridle leather.
His site is here, but as he's a chilled bloke you can contact him directly either by e-mail, at or by phone on 01765-605-858.
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