Safari and thundrebirs 2 mail

Has anyone started to use Safari? I use Mozilla and fing this OK but it really does not like apple sites. I suspect that Safari will like them better.

Any views on Safari.

On another point. What is thunderbird 2 like? Will it carry across all my folders if I install it or will I have to move them across myself? Does it work better than Outlook Express?

Bit of a computer numpty so looking for advice here.


I have never used Safari, so I can't really comment. I use Firefox for pretty much everything and only use IE when I am forced to.

I have been using Thunderbird (and Firefox) for about the last two years. I have no complaints with either - they both are very easy to use and very stable. Thunderbird 2 looks slightly different to previous versions (only cosmetic changes though). If you can use Outlook Express you will become comfortable with Thunderbird very, very quickly. You can import all of your email addresses and emails etc very easily once you have installed Thunderbird.

One of the things I particularly like about Thunderbird, is that if you want it to do something that it does not do as standard someone has almost certainly written a free add-on that you can download and get it working exactly how you want it.

Give it a try, you can always change back to Outlook Express if you don't like it!
I dont know much about Safari or Mac's in general for that matter but compared to IE,Firefox is the Dogs!!You can add things on to it or change the look of it.I have a nifty little programme on called "Down em All" where I can download multiple photos/text/video atat the same time.
Safari's ok, but I've used Firefox on my Macs for ages. It just seems to work better. There are apparently some problems with the Safari 3.0 beta - probably better to wait for Leopard.

I also use Thunderbird as my main mail client.

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