SADS Needed for Exped this August

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by smythst, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. I'm currently in Juniors at Sandhurst and am leading an exped to the Bodrum region of Turkey this August. The dates I'm hoping to travel on are from 13 - 20 August. We'll be a group of 10 cadets and so will need two SADS with us. Is anyone interested in a subsidised trip to Turkey, and free for those dates? All members will be at least of Ocean diver qualification, however I'm hoping to get everyone up to Sports Diver by August with the diving club here. In terms of activities I'm hoping to include cave diving and at least one night dive in the program, however any and all help/suggestions in dive activity planning would be most welcome, as I've only just gotten to Sports Diver recently, so needless to say this is the first Exped I'll have arranged. If this Exped does tickle your fancy, or you know of any SADS who would be interested, please do drop me a line.

    Thanks a million
  2. Hope you have a good time, though you may want to reconsider cave diving, it's a very specialised part of scuba though many aspects can be adapted to suit wreck penetration. Doing your Nitrox before you go is likely to be of far greater benefit.
    Cavern diving is bloody good fun though & does teach you to repect the overhead environment.

  3. Check out the Army Sub-Aqua Diving Assoc (ASADA) website at: and drop the Expeds Officer an email and he can point you in the right direction, failing that drop the Diving Officer an email.

    It's also worth dropping the Webmaster an email and he will advertise the exped on there for you.

    Hope that helps.