Sadr group frees Iraq hostages

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 15, 2005.

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    The Al Sadr Army is now a force for good? Why is the old cynic in me saying "Yeah right" ?
  2. PTP,
    They're just accelerating the timescale for acceptance.....Ben Gurion, Kenyatta, and a slack handful of others my shorted-out synapses are too frazzled to recall, all "terorists" in their day, all leaders of their nations in time..........
  3. Why be cynical? The Al Sadr army has a proven track record of good, just ask the countless women they have given hijabs to and returned to their homes. Also let's not forget the countless numbers of mergers and acquisitions that they have achieved in the past 2 years. Shop keepers have never been happier! And finally who can forget the countless number of Iraqis they have killed, maimed and Kidnapped in the course of their aims.
    Moqtada Sadr is an Iraqi leader of the future! No wonder membership of the Al Sadr army is so on the up! :twisted:

    The drafting process of the constitution should leave everyone uneasy. By passing the Sunnis would alienate them for good imo; it would also de-legitimise any government that followed the provisional government as it would be quite clear that any future government based on the constitution would not enjoy the support of the vast numbers of Sunnis in Iraq. Also 'fixing' the up coming referendum would just show that the US 'wish' to help facilitate the democratisation Iraq and the Middle East was nothing but a lie and of course would worsen relations between the ME and the US.

    The Kurds seriously need to be brought down a peg or two, northern Iraq is become a hell hole for non-Kurds, Kurdish ethnic cleaning of key areas could provoke serious violence in the North and who is not to say that the Turks would not intervene to protect the Turcoman population of N/Iraq?

    Federalism if not supervised by the west would no doubt bring about the division of Iraq and civil war.
  4. Oh you can't say that Castlereagh! Or as an Iraqi of my acquaintance says rather rudely "The Kurds , a lost tribe of Israel"
  5. Considering the 'supposed' goings on in Northern Iraq I would say that the Kurds had been 'found' :wink:
  6. More like Sadr kidnaps people, pretends to be another group, threatrens to kill hostages and then fies off a few rounds faking a rescue releases them claiming the glory!