Sadr freezes militia activities

Radical Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr says he is freezing the activities of his Mehdi Army militia for up to six months in order to re-organise it.

He has also called on all its offices to co-operate with the security forces and exercise "self-control".

Analysts see the move as an attempt by Moqtada Sadr to regain control over his increasingly divided militia.

The order was read out at a news conference in Karbala, where fighting on Tuesday killed more than 50 people.

Police blamed the Mehdi Army for the violence, but it denied involvement.

Yet more good news. Quick, let's pull out!

I wonder how many rockets and mortars landed at Basra Airport today. Also, will the withdrawal from the palace be opposed?
I won't be holding my breath.

I could see this as Moqtada Sadr making the final push for leadership of Iraq. However, whether the "mad man on the street" will listen, only time will tell.

The citizens of Gaza are more experienced in how various factions are so ... reliable? calm? amenable to reason?
He's a piece of sh1t and I wouldn't believe it if i heard him fart. If they want to stop insurgent activitys in the area great. Makes life easier for the boys when they continue the counter insurgency war whether they like it or not.

Don't pause for breath boys go and hunt them down in their homes whether they fight back or not.
He may order it, but I doubt the JAM will listen. He's a strategic figurehead, nothing more. The JAM is a group of street gangs with a loose affiliation to him, they follow the orders of their local leaders and they like fighting.
Perhaps an attempt to preserve his power base for the day we leg it... I mean, of course, perform an orderly transition of power to the capable hands of the Iraqi Security Forces.

In any case, not every one will listen and it won't stop the IDF on the airport.
Rather like Gerry Adams calling for an end to operations, before Omagh.

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