Sadly NZ has stupid law makers too...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex-sapper, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Fined for littering in a bin
    A Wellington man who decided to clean out his car while waiting for a kebab was fined $100 for littering - in a rubbish bin.
    The man said he took some rubbish from the back of his car and put it in a green council bin outside a kebab shop in Hataitai.
    "I assumed, incorrectly as it turns out, that as it was a litter bin I was able to put litter in it," he said.
    Wellington City Council duly sent him a litter infringement notice, which carried a $100 fine.
    Under a bylaw passed last year, such a fine will soon increase to $400.
    The man said he had no idea that putting a bit of rubbish in a bin was a sin.
    He wrote to the council, pointing out the ticket had the wrong address and explaining the circumstances.
    "I was unaware that domestic and non-domestic rubbish were categorised differently.
    "I understand that lack of knowledge of the law is no excuse. But perhaps for a law that isn't widely known, a warning would have been more appropriate for a first offence."
    But he reluctantly applauded the detective work needed to identify his crime - requiring a litter officer to sift through the bin for his contact details.
    His letter to the council initially had some impact, when an official wrote back thanking him and cancelling the fine - but only because it had been written for the wrong location.
    A fresh $100 infringement notice was issued for the correct address.
    The council also insisted that his letter was an admission, and could be used against him in court if needed.
    The man paid the fine but said others should be warned.
    "I have learned my lesson. When throwing rubbish in those green bins, do not include any incriminating correspondence."
    Council spokesman Richard MacLean said that it was investigating the matter
  2. If the bloke had been monitoring his PERSEC correctly, he wouldn't have been caught in the first place.

    Am i the only one who shreds letters before i bin them?
  3. Yeah but apart from that.... there's a person out there who sifts through bins to see if you are putting your domestic rubbish in them..... and there is a a council who pays someone to do it...FFS....
  4. Yea, but it does'nt take many $100 fines to pay the blokes wages, the rest is profit!
  5. Yeah that's true, and they are putting the fine up to $400. :evil:
  6. Don't forget that good old NZ has a 'right on', guardianista, islingtonian, pc, odd sort of prime minister.

    I am lucky to have a rather large gang of Kiwis as chums. All good guys and gals and pretty well united in their deprecation and dissatisfaction with Ms Clarke.

    At least it appears she is honest! This being a distinction that we were denied by our recently departed and unlamented grinning spiv!
  7. Ms Clarke honest???? I agree with your mates about deprecation and dissatisfaction of Clarke.... but honesty is not something I believe is one of her virtues... a couple of examples
    A couple of years back she put a painting into a charity auction with her signature on it, she, for quite some time, denied it was painted by anyone other than herself..
    And... on needing to be at the Christchurch airport, urgently to catch a plane to a rugby match she was to attend, got the driver to exceed the speed limit with a police escort... subsequently due to beauacratic shiny arsed ******* in the top being told that the prime ministers car was exceeding the speed limit, prosecuted the chauffeur and two police officers for doing as they were told by the PM of NZ and she didn't lift a finger to help... the driver was fined $600 which I am please to say was paid by members of the public...
  8. Thanks, sincere thanks for this. Your 'message' will be conveyed.

    I'm told NZ is a really good place to live (Bliar/Brown Britain is NOT), trouble is, as I see it is, being Welsh, I am used to decent rugby, but I suppose I could 'slum' it in that respect as a way of escaping what is fast becoming the worst country in the world (courtesy of Bliar/Brown inc).