Sadly, Nutter Given Platform to Spout Cr Ap

I am embarrassed to be asociated with the Canadian military who are actually allowing this guy to continue in his duties...

a professor of physics at Royal Military College in Kingston is suing the Chief of Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier, over the military's policy that officers must toast the Quen and salute during " God Save The Queen " [ yeah, you read that correctly ]

Captain Aralt Mac Giola Chainnigh [ wait, there's more to the name ] doesn't believe Canadian Forces members should have to publicly display their loyalty to the monarch and he wants to overturn the policy in court.

Mac Giolla Chainnigh was know as Harold Kenny before he legally changed his name to its Irish spelling. He argues that he did not sign up for the Armed Forces to serve what he views as a foreign monarch [ despite the Canadian constitution that explicitly states HM is Queen of Canada, etc. etc. and ' she' signed his comission and he took an oath to HM when accepting the rank ]

" It's a situation of institutional harrassment that members of the Canadian Forces be obliged to toast the Queen of Canada at regimental dinners " he said [ obviously not a soldier who needs an ' excuse ' to drink ] " to fail to do so would be intrepreted as disloyalty, which could carry up to nine years imprisonment "

the present lawsuit came about after the CF Grievance Board rejected Mac Giolla Chainnigh's first complaint on the grounds that, among other things, his description of the toast to the Queen as ' royalist symolism ' revealed a deep misunderstanding of Canada's system of government . [ glad he only teached physics and not history/law ]

" the inclusion of the Queen at CF events is not just hollow pomp and ceremony, it is an ackowlegment of Canada's Head of State," ruled the Board.

Capt. Mac Giolla Chainnigh appealed the decision directly to General Hillier and launched his current suit after the CDS turned down the appeal.

Where are flogging and the lash when you need them?

nutter extraordinaire...


War Hero
If he's changed his name to an Irish spelling version of it, then wtf is the idiot doing in Canada anyway? Why doesn' he fcuk off and enlist in the IRA instead?

I might be able to understand it if the tosser changed his name to a French one, but IRISH?

He should be locked up, certified and then given ECT!

Blimey! Nine years of porridge for not toasting Brenda? Prisons must be full of mildly surprised Green Jacket officers then.

There was a time when just speaking English in a Canuck mess would get you cashiered.

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