SADF M83 pack; any good?

I'm thinking of buying one of these from Camocorp; what's it like to use? I'm aware of the weight/strength trade-off re. the dirty great steel frame, but I'd appreciate any advice from those with experience of using it. Thanks in advance, I hope this is in the right forum.


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Bergan or assault vest? - M83 was the assault vest.
The bergan, mate.


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Not that good - was far better that the "large pack" made of canvas webbing that it replaced, had an external frame and the material was tough, top flap came all the way down - I used a commercial nutria karrimor that had a hip belt so you could easily handle 50kg - 60kg loads with chest webbing. Too big for a daysack and a little too small for a full size 6 day patrol bergin but the large pack was awful so was considered good at the time.

External frame kept you slightly cooler and took the wear and tear instead of the fabric and I still prefer them today.

That Karrimor in your link is very very similar to what I bought - except it had a external fram - the issued unit was nothing like that...

Is this one you are looking at? Just seen the price £28?? Don't think you'd get better for the odd weekend of wandering around the hillsides.

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A ruddy bargain, thanks p_m.

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