SADF 32 Battalion books (in English); any suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by auscam, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Piet Nortje's eponymously titled book looks to be well written; any recommendations for others?
  2. I found his book dull I must admit . Just a few new items I had never read about.

    There a few other good ones on here . Mostly with 32 Bat in the title.

    This is a good ref too.

    The Silent War: South African Recce operations 1969 - 1994 - Peter Stiff
  3. Yes, I've got Covert War, which is a good read (despite the numerous typos). Thanks o_b.
  4. 32 Battalion's founding CO, Col Jan Breytenbach, wrote two books about the unit, Forged In Battle and They Live By The Sword. I would recommend both.
  5. Greetings,
    There is a small cottage industry in SADF memoirs, and some really good books have been produced recently.
    and here:

    The "big name" units (32 Bn. Recces, Parabats) are well represented but some of the "National Service" memoirs are interesting, and, on occasion very funny.

    Anything written by Col J Breytenbach is pretty good. Not least of all because he is a guy who has "been there, done that, and got all the T-Shirts" (armour, RN-FAA, Suez, Biafra, Fort Benning, SF, Parabat, 32 etc. plus a string of gallantry medals), but also as he has an ironic, whimsical and amusing style of recounting events. Some of his bigger battles were within the system rather than the events in Angola etc.

    The 32 VA has a useful website: and for those of you with good speakers the "Fireplan" on this page is a treat!

    Other useful SADF sites are the SADF Books Facebook pages and Justdone Publications:

  6. Thanks, there's a few sources there that I didn't know about. :D
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