Saddams sons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. TF 20 (Delta, CIA etc.) may have taken out both sons of Saddam in a fire-fight in Mosel...any confirmation yet?
  2. The US military has said that four high-ranking members of Saddam Hussein's regime have been killed in a four-hour gun battle at a house belonging to the former Iraqi dictator's cousin.

    Soldiers from the 101st Airbourne Division outside the badly damaged house in Mosul

    Around 200 soldiers from the 101st Airbourne Division stormed the house in the northern city of Mosul after commanders received a tip-off that Saddam's "key allies" were hiding there.

    The military has refused to comment on rumours that Saddam's sons, Uday and Qusay, were among those inside.

    American troops attacked the house with machineguns, grenades and anti-tank missiles after they were shot at by people in the building.

    Helicopter gunships were also used in the operation and the house was left badly damaged with its roof partially collapsed.

    One other Iraqi was killed during the firefight and five others wounded. A soldier who was shot in the chest is said to be in a stable condition.

    America has put a $10 million bounty on Uday and Qusay's heads and has offered $25 million for their father's capture or proof of death.

    The US-led coalition has captured 34 of the 55 Iraqis on the most-wanted list of Saddam's regime since the regime was toppled in April.

    Earlier today, one American soldier was killed and another wounded in a grenade attack on a military convoy north west of Baghdad.

    The ambush happened at about 9am on the road between Balad and Ramadi, 60 miles from the capital and within the "Sunni Triangle" where many soldiers still loyal to Saddam are believed to be hiding.

    The latest fatality took the number of American soldiers killed in the Iraq conflict to 153, six more than died in the first Gulf War.

    At least 39 soldiers have been killed in scores of ambushes since major combat operations ended on May 1.
  3. Interesting to see what effect it has on the current spate of attacks on US troops...
  4. US 3* has just been on BBC News 24, and seems about 99.99999% confident that Usay and Qusay are no longer with us.

    It appears that someone walked into a local police station and said 'I wish to claim somewhere in the region of $30 million, please. My basis for this is as follows - if you go to the big house on the corner and ring the bell, I think you'll find...'
  5. Two Vipers less hopefully and a very rich Arab to boot.

    Next one the the father one hopes, just could be the catalyst for the rest of the Baath party to fade into oblivion.
  6. You reckon they'll pay up? yeah right :roll:
  7. You calling the politicians liars?
  8. Will probably use the money to buy a few more RPGs and AKs to launch at the coalition..........
  9. Plan is - to show the two's bodies on Arab TV, to reassure the masses. Looking forward to it.

    (Tone can always blame it on Dr Kelly if it all goes tits up)
  10. I just happen to be over in the states on holiday at the moment and the US news is reporting that after a 6 hour (yes, SIX) gun battle, the villa was found to contain 4 bodies. That doesn't sound like the usual US 'take the target off the face of the earth' gun battle. Are they changing their tactics? Or are they worse shots than even we think they are?

    Just a thought. Maybe the press reports aren't all that accurate..... for a change :?
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Who says Al Jizzera (sic) isn't a useful news network....?
  12. Blondebint? Do I think they will pay up. Yes I do. They (and we) have paid up in the past, and if it gets results, will continue to pay in the future.
    Don't be so cynical, its unbecoming in one so comely.
  13. Reports of 20+ rounds in each body, must have been suicide.

    Pictures to be honest could be my local kebab chap, but dental records prove identity.

    So what do the Americans do now, shave then plaster them in make up & show them again. Who are they trying to convince!
  14. Who cares ? They are both buuuuurning in Hell right now, so good luck to them... :twisted: