Saddam's left leg for sale

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. The left leg of the statue of Saddam Hussein pulled down by US troops in Baghdad is up for sale on the internet.

    It's up for auction on German internet site after two English contractors reportedly smuggled it out of Iraq.

    The site says two Englishmen working as private contractors smuggled the 300 kilo left leg out of Iraq to Bremen in Germany as a joke.

    They sold it to a scrap dealer who left it in his yard for half a year and had been planning to sell it as an artwork without realising what it was.

    It was spotted later by the current owner who confirmed what the leg was from the TV footage and snapped it up so he could sell it on the Internet.

    He said he paid a four figure price for the leg, that had been sold to the scrap dealer as a curiosity.

  2. £1.99 :D

    agent smith
  3. Any good for the hokey cokey?
  4. No way, your pulling my leg mate ! :lol:
  5. Pull the other one..
  6. hahha Thats Crazy :D
  7. Saddam's arm was for sale/auction on eBay-uk a short time back.
    Can't remember if it sold
  8. hahahaha has it got bells on?