Saddam tribunal judge assassinated

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 2, 2005.

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  2. getting murkier with no end in sight so far.
  3. No, i just think that the media are portaying it that way. When i read articles from people who are actually in iraq and witness everyday life (unlike the hotel journalism from most wetern media), it seems that things are on the up. People are getting jobs, things are returning to almost normality.

    In my view, there are only a small number of high impact incidents like this that get hyped up by the journos (trying to justify their existence by making it look like there is a story when there isnt)

  4. Apparently it was not an assassination, it was personal.........
    and Wacko Jacko doesn't fiddle kids.,,7374-1507619,00.html
    edited to add link so noone thinks I'm making quotes up
  5. i was refering to the insurgents, who are really realeased criminals, ex saddam loyalist with a few islamist thrown in.

    on the whole i have heard that it looking better, we are not out of the tunnel yet , we need more boots on the ground, some American actions had made a few own goals which made our job a bit harder, i don't think we are completelyperfect in this too, on the whole it is getting better.
    if the American troops use this operation to gain anti terrorist experience in the same way we gained NI experience then hopefully they can learn form it and become better peacekeepers in furture operation.