Saddam to sue UK

You couldnt make it up....

French lawyer 'sues UK on abuse'

Maverick French lawyer Jacques Verges says he will file a suit against the UK at the international war crimes court over the abuse of Iraqi detainees. Mr Verges told French news agency AFP that the suit would be on behalf of "the families of prisoners".

A spokeswoman for the International Criminal Court in The Hague told BBC News Online it did not comment on complaints filed by individuals.

Mr Verges says he has been asked to defend former President Saddam Hussein.

"The reality of torture and systematic abuses of the dignity of Iraqi prisoners, sometimes followed by murders, both by US and British troops is no longer in question," the text of the complaint reads, AFP reports.

"There are strong presumptions that the facts that form the basis of our complaint were committed with the participation of nationals of the United Kingdom, which unlike the US... is a party to the [Court's] statute," it said.

The US is not a party to the statute and has signed bilateral agreements with several countries to exempt its citizens from the ICC jurisdiction.

ICC spokeswoman Claudia Perdomo told BBC News Online the office of the prosecutor did not comment on communications it received - so far the number is nearly 800.

It can start an investigation, but as a court of last instance, it only takes over cases which a state party has failed or is unable to investigate, Ms Perdomo said.

In his long career, Jacques Verges has acted for Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie and for Carlos the Jackal, and says he has represented former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic.

Mr Verges, 79, is said to have been a friend of Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge leader behind Cambodia's genocide.

His controversial career has earned him the nickname "the Devil's advocate".
The filthy frog Verge has beaten the Phil Shiner creature to it. What's the betting some PC judge will allow this sort of nonsense to go ahead?

Damn foreigners.... :twisted:
Oh well, three years to push until my pension then I will emigrate to a land where the French are hated as much as I hate them, the Human Rights Charter isn't statutory law and their leaders have some sense of normality and PC is outlawed!

Pluto seems ideal then! :wink:
The tosspot of a prime minister, Blair should IMHO withdraw the troops from Iraq and deploy them against the "cheese sucking surrender monkies", one good hard push by the lads off Gold beach with a quick spurt towards Paris should see the day won.

I'm trying to think of something good to say about it... they eat snails

Can we find a British lawyer prepared to sue the Fench Government on behalf of both the Iraqi people and chaps like myself who were uprooted from our cosy existence to wander off to the sandpit for several months.

After all French (and Russian - but there's no point in suing them, they'd only laugh) objections at the UN, to honouring UN pledges, were based on the fact that certain French businessmen (some of them, but not all, not related to certain very senior French politicians) were making millions out of the oil for food scam.
I wonder if this case will come to court before or after the cases from the families of Algerians tortured to death by the French in the Battle of Algiers? :evil:

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