Is Saddam justified in sueing the Sun?

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Melbourne Herald Sun
Saddam to sue over prison photos
BBC News - 47 minutes ago
Saddam Hussein plans to take legal action after a British newspaper published photos of him half-naked in his prison cell and doing his washing. "We will sue the newspaper and everyone who helped in showing this.
Id like the Kurdish people to sue Saddam for Gassing them a few years back.

public interest. not a chance in this country.
Public interest - my a*se! Financial interests of Sc*m's owners more likely.
What public interest is there in showing saddam in his cacks for Gods sake! Other than to sell papers!?!

It'll just fuel a backlash and sympathy from the locals who will be pi*sed off big time by his humiliation. Have we learnt nothing of the arab mentality in the past couple of years!

Al Qaeda will be laughing all the way to the bomb dump...
Nakedness is a big no-no in Arab culture.

Wonder how many of "Our Lads" lives will be sacrificed to keep the Sun's circulation high enough so that Rebekah holds onto her job for another few months?
I have to agree. Publishing those photos was stupid. I feel for the men/women in Iraq now. Just one more reason for the insurgents to "rise up" and kill us (US AND Brits). It was stupid and, moreover, just a grab for money.

People just suck in general and will do anything for more money...
Phil, you would just not believe how phenomenally sh*t most of our national press is.

The Broadsheets aren't too bad, although they each have their own little agendas, but the Tabloids are just a complete and utter f*cking cess-pool.

They are all fighting like rats in a barrel for a shrinking readership, and they will f*ck over absolutely anybody and anything just to keep their circulations up.


I have to say, if Saddam sets up a fighting fund to sue the Sun, I'm in for a fiver. Hideous scumbag maggoty paper. Oh Lord, please let the Hague tribunal summon Rebekah Wade and throw her in jail for fifty years for 'crimes against humanity'...
chickenpunk said:
I have to say, if Saddam sets up a fighting fund to sue the Sun, I'm in for a fiver. Hideous scumbag maggoty paper. Oh Lord, please let the Hague tribunal summon Rebekah Wade and throw her in jail for fifty years for 'crimes against humanity'...

The first charge should be being party to keeping this buffoon's acting career going far beyond it's natural span.. :D

1. How, particularly after the Abu Ghraib fiasco, does one get a camera into a maximum security prison containing the most important prisoner in the country?

2. How and from whom did The Sun get a copy of that picture?

3. Who is really in control of the prison in which that particular prisoner is lodged?

4. Who benefits from further infuriating the Iraqis?
It said on BBC Radio4 tonight that the U.S. believes the photos were taken a year or more ago.

I agree with everyone that notes what shameless, selfish scum the Sun editors/owner are. How can they claim to support the troops (that's calculated bollox for a start) and then publish photos that they MUST have known would endanger British and other lives? :x They de-base themselves, their readership, and the whole of Britain. I long for the day when people vote with their conscience and STOP BUYING THAT F****** GUTTER RAG!
Could not believe this when I saw it on the front of the Sun!
If one Serviceman/woman is harmed as a result of this, we will know who to blame. Who was the knobend who took and released the picture?
It says a lot about the security in there!
Sadman Poostain might be an arch baddy & general asshole, but what do we look like now? This is a clear breach of the Geneva convention.
I occasionally buy the sun to see what crap the public are being fed,I think in future my hard earned pennys will stay in my pocket,or go on something worth reading.
The Government SHOULD very publicly back any civil action Saddam wants to take against 'The Scum"


Because it might make some very pissed off Sunni think twice about taking a shot at our team. What a mess, and every time we ask you to boycott this f*cking rag , it's just apathy. How many times does this 'Newspaper' have to screw us over, before people think enough is enough?

I'm half tempted to design a 'I'm backing Saddam to F*ck the Sun" :twisted:

The paper that "backs our boys" my Arrse.
Rupert Murdoch, being the Sun's proprietor, holds responsibility for editorial decisions. Rebekah Wade is editor in name only, so that bloke what was Grant in Eastenders is superfluous. Murdoch's decision to go ahead with publishing these photos is done with the sole intention of causing outrage and thereby upping the circulation. The man is morally bankrupt and is beyond the control of the world's most powerful politicians - in fact he has autonomy over many of them. He's directly responsible for the death of troops/innocent Iraqis by stoking up the fire even further. Blair/Brown are in last chance saloon over getting The Sun's support next time round, and what a sad, sorry state of affairs the whole situation is. If we got out of Iraq, The Sun's circulation would plummet - a positive move I think.
frenchperson said:
Rupert Murdoch, being the Sun's proprietor, holds responsibility for editorial decisions.
Further to the last message. You all should know that Rupert Murdoch hasn't paid corporation tax in this country for the last 10 years. He's avoided it because he can afford to fill buildings full of lawyers for a lot less outlay.

And at the same time, we've got billboard hotlines for reporting benefit cheats!!

Murdoch, Blair, Bush, are all in it for gain, a bigger circulation/money and/or power is all that matters and if a few soldiers die for 'the cause' whatever that is, then they'll shed a few crocodile tears and move on to the next politically expedient scam
Is sumone taking the F-ing pizz.
Photos of a prisoner doing his washing, So ?
International War Crime, onest ya oner!
Human rights, the worlds gone mad.
Ways to go Sun - in the same week of the excellent PR work of the RDG, they print these pictures. Even other newspaper changed their editions to include the front page of the Sun. I thought such pictures were a violation of the US Military 'own rules' of holding prisoners anyway. A bastard like Saddam in his sexy y-fronts don't do much for me personally -but that's me. At least they were clean :D Unfortunately I cannot see a lawsuit against the tabloid going far though, although it couldn't happen to a more appropriate rag.

Human rights might have gone mad but its obvious what the Sun put out to do - knowing that this will insult and humiliate Saddam, his family/followers/ex-government, and they wanted such reaction. They obviously forgotten or couldn't see that there are many who are against Saddam but adhere their strong beliefs on nudity and dress who may react violently or indifferently in some way on the basis of the picture - and they're going to print more?

It'll be a shame to see that the work gone into trying to form a positive and working relationship between the (US) and the iraqi public may have be fractured by the actions of one individual.

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