Saddam to be 'handed over' to Iraqis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blessed baby cakes, Jun 30, 2004.

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    Anyone for a show trial? :roll:
  2. Yes .........i used to be class right up shoots up faster than a junkie at Charring Gross :D
  3. Hhmm, here's a thought.
    The septics, for once forgeting thier 'frag 'em first, ask later' warfare doctrine arrest Saddam, in a hole, with a firearm !!! and take him into custody.
    He's not an ordinary Iraqi prisoner so he does'nt get the 'Redneck sexual abuse' interogation technique. After a while, he's handed over to the new Administration who can do feck all with him as they're percieved as Crusader lacky pig dogs and, having apparently ruled out the death penalty for him, will have some kind of show trial and sentence him to life imprisonment.

    Next year, with the Bush master plan still in the throws of going tits-up, and the Crusader lacky pig dogs showing either:
    a. No ability to sort out the problems of Iraq ala the Bush Master Plan, or'
    b. Showing too much indepedance of thought and action for the likes of New Riech in the Whitehouse ......

    The Whitehouse stormtroopers start looking about for a strongman who is able to unite Iraq. Someone they've dealt with in the past and who has a proven track record when dealing with the septics........

    ....well, you fill in the rest !!

    Cynical !?!


    Ubique tu bastardo !!!
  4. Auld_S

    Have you ever seen Allawi's CV? Most impressive.

  5. At least the Iraqis are making a politician take responsibility for his actions.....

    Bliar take note. :twisted:
  6. i'm sure the "he fell down the stairs, guvnor" card will be played at some stage.
  7. If it be the will of Allah!

    Allah, big fella from a small Kurdish village...... :wink:
  8. the yanks will probably be flying in master sgt big leroy in from guantanamo for the next batch of abu ghraib photos showing saddam having his hoop resized and then teamed by a load of iraqis
  9. Yea the footage I have on file and the video clips don't leave much to the imagination :cry: :cry:
  10. we could always threaten to unleash trickywoo56 on saddams corduroy polo neck........... :idea:
  11. I like the charges that they are bringing against him, particularly the one that goes along the lines of:
    Fighting Coalition troops in 2003 Iraq war.

  12. Find him guilty and put him in the same cell as Dorris :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Just been announced he's definitley going to get the death penalty ....

    bad news is David Beckhams taking it....
  14. What's the difference between Tim Henman and Saddam Hussein?
    Saddam Hussein has a court appearance today

    Boom Boom!

    :wink: :D