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Saddam to adopt scorched earth policy


The officials, briefing reporters at the Pentagon, said they have evidence Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has plans to wreck his own infrastructure to foster a humanitarian crisis and turn international opinion against any U.S. and British advance into his territory

"A number of countries have prepared for operations like this in the past, but not executed them," said Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "Virtually everybody who has watched Iraq in action and is familiar with their military tactics probably thinks that Saddam will not go gently into that good night."

No sh*t Sherlock, you think? How much money does the British Government pay to this bunch of retired gin-swigging,dodgy dossier preparing, rent-a-quote-from-a-retired-dinosaur clowns?
Let me see, from the top of my head...

Wellingtons winter retreat during the Peninsular campaign

Churchills denial plan of 1940

Wavells infrastructure denial in North Africa in 1941

Stalins 1941 actions, that denied German Forces, their foraging component

That'll be £2,000,000 please - KA-CHIIIIIIING  ;D
US Forces in the Phillipines 1941 and 1995 - lol - £100,000

USAF in Oxfordshire 1993- £10,000

British Forces in Greece in 1941 - £50.00

Blimey Liney, this is easy money ain't it....   ;D


How many times have you been on a course and been told "there's marks for stating the bloody obvious"-there's oviously money too.

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