Saddam - the verdict

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Saddam verdict expected Sunday.

    The Cherie Booth team fly out ready to get him off all chages.
  2. Wonder what the other half would think of that..... would make interesting breakfast table talk.....!!
  3. Sweet dreams I'm afraid, if only it were true.
    Spring him from nick, dust him down appologise for our meddlesome intrusions , give him an army and let him get back to doing what he was doing so well - holding the frigging country together.
    Then we could piss of out of a place we had no right to be in, in the beginning.
    But as I say, sweet dreams eh, old redcap?
  4. Don't know quite how to put this Saddam, old thing. How do you feel about having another crack at the Presidency... no hard feelings? Shake?
  5. If he's getting a fair trial what will happen if found not guilty or gets off on a technicality? :lol:
  6. electric -citizen, asks:
    What if he got off on a technicality?

    What like us ilegally invading Iraq on raft of lies and toppling his regime without proper authority or good reason?
    Naw, doubt he'll get off on that, I don't think anyones noticed that technical breach.
  7. US missed a trick - they should have flown him to Europe and dumped him with the International Court at the Hague. That would have got the problem off their hands, got Saddam safely away from causing further disturbance in Iraq, and it would have been a neat bluff-call to those bleating on at US to agree to abide by an International court...
  8. So, those who would like the U.S. to have proper legal standards of behaviour are bleaters are they/we?
    Conservatives and legal systems.
    They dish it out when it suits them but they don't like it up 'em.
  9. if they want sombody to dispatch him im not doing much next weekend..
  10. SLR, You don't half spout some pish. If you'd ever met your average Iraqi and actually asked him, you'll find that most are extremely happy that we got rid of Saddam. Try arguing your viewpoint in places like Erbil, Sadr City or MAK, pretty sure you'll change your stand (and most likely your underpants)
  11. The whole trial was a farce from the start and the death sentence was already decided on a long time ago.

    Regardless of what you think of Saddam this is not justice in any objective sense of the word.

    They should have a put a couple of rounds into him when he was captured to spare us this pantomime.

    Far from it being a deterrent to other dictators it will backfire on the Spams and result in more violence.
  12. poor iccle saddam... :cry:

    one off the cuddliest mass murderers and dictators known to man.....he had a lovely tash.
  13. Hymm - I started this off a a joke but it seems it may have legs.
    OK. Matrix send it's finest Cherie Booth (no reference please to doppelganget name of B'Liar). She does the usual smoke and mirrors. To tell the locals that death penalties are sooo 1960s would destroy any lingering bullshine about 'democracy' so it needs to look legal. B.Liar conspires with George Dubya (how dare you suggest such a thing ORC!) for Soddem to be released. He goes onto nationwide TV and does a special at which he used to be so good. Says he is a tad sorry for the dead millions (Baath & Coalition head counts). Will be a much nicer boy. Few torches at night, crowds marching in lock step (from Munich 1937 archives if needed) Locals over the moon. We gift him all the money he lost and spent on the run + blood money for the two wee boys. He gets back in the throne. Keeps things quiet for a month. We say "Crackd it" and pish off home/ Result Endex. Fuffed to chuck.
    Watch this space as well as to your front.
  14. muzzleflash,
    that 'average' Iraqi would probably have said anything to please the Brit in uniform with a weapon in his hand.
    But as soon as his back was turned jump in a coach or taxi and bugger off with hundreds of thousand others to Syria or Jordon.
    Well done everybody, we have actually made Iraq WORSE than under Saddam.