Saddam speaks from the grave...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. BBC World Service has broadcast an interesting piece as part of their standard news output. I can't find a written piece on the internet.

    After capture, Saddam was questionned by Arab speaking FBI agents and revealed a number of very interesting details reagrding his policies, strategies and movements over the years.

    He confirms that Iraq had destroyed all its WMD as determined by the UN by 1998. Nevertheless, he says it was a deliberate ploy afterwards to prevent further inspections because he feared Iran more than the US. The main aim being to deny Iran the knowledge of how weak Iraq really was. If the world thought he might have something, then Iran was unlikely to capitalise on that weakness.

    In effect, and he recognises it turned out to be a miscalculation post-9/11, he decided winding up the US but not giving them what they wanted was less worrysome than giving Iran an advantage.

    He also announced that the US efforts in 2003 would only serve to strengthen Iran's position in the region.
  2. ahh more propaganda ready for us to follow if the USA wants to have a go back at Iran etc..

    tin foil will be issued shortly
  3. For those that are interested, the written interviews are located at the National Security Archives in the US. They are anything but a conservative group and spend a lot of time bothering various government agencies with Freedom of Information Act requests. So its not really propaganda, although one write-up said that the FBI was told to change some of the questions they intended to ask by "interested parties"
  4. What about the WMDs he passed to Syria shortly before the brown sticky stuff hit the fan and his sons tried to make a break for it?

    His gaffe/miscalculation and the death of his sons at least shows Darwinism in action. Cr*p leaders end up brown bread. Shame it isn't a universal law...
  5. Yes indeed. What about it?
  6. Which WMD's would these be that he passed to Syria?

    Spoke uncommon well on his way to it too.
  7. That would be WMDs, of which absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.. at least for the easily gulled.
    The Iraqi WMD threat was never even a lie well told. At this remove the weapons program casus belli is about as plausible as Santa Claus coming down your chimney.
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Let's not ([please ) go down the English road of praising an opponent once he's safely out of the all those quasi military buffs who express admiration for Boney's 'military genius' and even (Gawd elpus) those who think that nice vegetarian Herr Hilter got a bad press.

    Saddam was an evil despot........if it wasn't for him ( and some frankly bizarre decision- making in the West) a lot of good men would still be alive....and lot more would still have the full kit issued to them at birth, not to mention a full set of marbles.

    I rejoiced when I heard he'd been captured....and registered grim satisfaction when he was croaked by his own people , even if he did show some courage in the hour of his death ......good riddance to a bad hat. Job well done.

    Don Cabra - Telic 1 (only)