Saddam husseins buttocks fails at auctions

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CigarIsland, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Saddam Hussein's 'buttock' fails to sell at Derby auction

    I can't believe the ex THEM fella thought he was going to get £250,000 though, slightly over optimistic one feels. Never mind as THEM and plenty of other people managed to Liberate more than an arse in 2003, feel free to post what if anything you managed to liberate back in the day....
  2. For the record my ex wife managed to Liberate my offshore bank account of 2 years worth of money from the the last cent.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    "The former soldier, who joined the SAS at the age of 22 and has recently started his own art company specialising in war relics".

    Me Grandads mate Reinhardt did that after WW2. He is the shifty looking chap on the left of this picture.

  4. Spud's got some expensive T-Shirts for sale:

  5. He can go **** himself with those prices. Not to mention they are shit to begin with!
  6. t-shirts look ok for a casual loaf about in, but £50 for something thats gonna get coverd in blood snot and beers is a bit steep.
  7. Spud's comment on Saddam's arrse:

    The Iraqi demand for the buttock repatriation

  8. £9300 for some cufflinks? Stroll on Spud.
  9. I think Spud's been hanging out with Tracey Emin & Damien Hirst or has discovered marijuana.

    Spud Ely the artist

  10. Who let him at the AL11?
  11. £3950 for a replica miniature Saddam statue? I'm afraid that I'm a little critical of his artistic talent.

    View attachment 61519

    Looks more like Trevor Mcdonut.
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  12. You are such a sad **** - so negative. You need a pull through with an 84 bore brush fellar. The bloke is selling them to raise money for military charities. You probably spend £50 on beer and pizza a day whilst posting on this forum. Though of renaming yourself vampirepizzaprick!
  13. Has he still got "Ze Maddonna mit ze bikk Boobies?"