Saddam Hussein Trial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. From Sunday Telegraph
    Saddam confident of clearing his name when he faces trial judges
    By Con Coughlin
    (Filed: 09/10/2005)

    Saddam Hussein is looking forward to his forthcoming trial and believes that he will be acquitted of all the charges laid against him, according to Iraqi officials.

    Yes And Pigs WILL FLY.
  2. It's a fine line. If international law was applied fairly by an unbiased court, it could well be argued that he's done nothing wrong since 1993, actions that were tacitly forgiven by the UN. If the invasion of Iraq in 2003 is ruled illegal, then he has been illegally arrested and therefore should not be standing trial.

    Of course, international law won't be applied fairly, the court will be biased and the case will be over before anybody makes a formal ruling on the legality of the invasion, so I doubt very much that he will be acquitted.

    His mistake was staying in Iraq instead of claiming asylum in Britain. Then he could have claimed free Legal Aid and if found guilty, could have had the case referred to the ECHR where he would have been acquitted and awarded massive compensation.
  3. putteesinmyhand has hit the hail on the nedd! If international law really was applied fairly, Bobo Bush and Phoney Tony would find themselves in the dock. But who thinks that life is fair?

  4. Trying for an insanity defence?
  5. I believe that the trial will be postponed. It is absolutely unprofitable for Americans. The trial would be an excellent possibilty for Saddam to counter-attack (not on military) but on propagandist front. Each his word will be reflected in mass-media. No doubt Saddam will use many arguments that were created by the coalition (to begin with Abu-Graib).
  6. If the trial is handled with the level of competence displayed to date, Madass will walk!
  7. But who is the real madman ?

    Bush or Saddam ?
  8. He's not going to be acquitted - he's going to be reappointed, surely?
  9. Who would you rather upset?
  10. We used to joke that the really nightmare scenario for Iraq would be that Saddam would be acquitted at his trial :lol: ; now I have to say I believe that there is every reason to believe that will actually happen, and that the Iraqi & US govts will find themselves in an impossible position 8O . Far too late for Saddam to fall out of a helicopter, or slip on the soap in the shower - the trial will be under the scrutiny of the International Community, and the legal contradictions will be front page news.

    I think the US missed a trick; when they captured Saddam, they should have flown him to the Hague and dumped him in the lap of the international war crimes tribunal - thereby neatly ridding themselves of a problem and giving the pontificating European human rights champions a thorny dilemma....
  11. It will most probably be delayed until his "natural" death...oops he slipped in th shower M'lud.
  12. LONDON (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers will argue that he has immunity from prosecution at his trial in Iraq later this month, according to a London-based member of his legal team.
    Lawyer Abdel Haq Alani told the BBC the former president will challenge the legality of the special tribunal, due to open inside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone on October 19.

    "He had full immunity under the prevailing Iraqi constitution and you cannot have a retroactive legislation that removes that immunity," Alani said in an interview with the BBC's "Newsnight" program late on Thursday.

    Iraqi officials say the only charge against Saddam so far is the killing of more than 140 men in the mostly Shi'ite village of Dujail after a failed 1982 assassination attempt against him.

    Alani said the defense will argue that those killed had been found guilty under Iraq's laws and Saddam's only role was to sign their death warrants.

  13. Wonder if mrs Fuhrer Bliar will be defending council?
    Probably just a bit too much even for her.
  14. 4(T) said:
    The trick they missed was in not killing him in an 'exchange of fire' during the capture.

    You see it is behaviour of the spams like this that puts paid to the conspiracy theorists. If the spams couldn't even arrange to 'legitimately' kill Saddam in a capture where no one would have been surprised by a fire fight, what makes people feel they are capable of conspiring to destroy the World trade Centre buildings?