Saddam Hussein....His Arse Has Turned into a Farce

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CigarIsland, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Saddam Hussein Buttock: Arrest Over Buttock From Iraqi Leader's Statue In Baghdad Brought To UK | UK News | Sky News

    A man working for TrebleTap has been arrested and bailed after Brit police state under Section 8 of the Iraqi Sanctions Order may have been breached.

    For those of you not in the know, the Iraqis have systamatically stripped every compound, accom, infrastracture that had been left to them by the Coalition. Buildings that had been secured for furture residents etc, have been broken in and looted and then to rub salt into the wounds the Iraqis are sending officers around compounds being used and if you can't prove kit is yours they are having that as well. It begs the question that all the money and sacrifice was certainly not worth it.

    And before some of you jump on the oil and gas bandwagon and how much the sceptics and brits are getting it's nothing compared to the Chineses firms and workers, in Iraq and that are receiving better treatment than everyone else.
  2. "Boo Hoo Hoo, the Iraqis are a bunch of right cunts, boo hoo hoo, the chinese are more competitive, boo hoo hoo, they might nick my ipod!"

    Did I miss anything?
  3. Actually re the Chinese it's got nothing to do with competitiveness, they are being given preferential treatment over others. If you've got no tissues left with your boo hooing you can have some of mine...
  4. Ah yes, you're quite right, I missed: "Boo Hoo Hoo, it's not fair!
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  5. On a side note I must say Saddam was the most stylish dictator for quite a while. Gaddafi looked like a homeless bloke in a bedsheet but Saddam put the effort in. Well done that man, bit dusty in here etc.
  6. Perfectly fair though.

    People voted for Blair. And he want to war for the hell of it, invaded one of the richest bits of the planet, and got fuck all in return. There's democracy for you.
  7. Let me get this right. The country that didn't invade Iraq and kill thousands of Iraqi citizens is being better treated than one that did?

    Before you talk about liberating them from tyranny, bear in mind that they didn't ask for it and that less people died under the tyranny than have died since liberation.
  8. In all fairness though a great deal of those deaths have been caused not by British or american or any other invading infidels but by Al Qaeda and the JAM militia fighting over whats left of Iraq.

    I'm not saying That Foreign forces and PSC's haven't been slotting ragheads but they didn't do them all.
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  9. I wanna know how the RMPs missed it in Op Plunder??!