Saddam Hussain wants to be shot!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Recce19, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. Appently he's a military man and wants to be shot, not hung :roll:,,30000-1228824,00.html

    Personally, I believe he should be slowly strangled in front of the families of his victims :twisted:
  2. Someone brought to court against their will? Who would have thought it? Shocking. Scandalous. :roll:
  3. Hopefully with a .177 slug gun, everyday for a year should just about do the job.
  4. It would have never happened, whilst he was president. :p
  5. My heart bleeds purple pish for the auld fecker. Can I pull the trigger?
  6. Two of the men he's chosen for the firing squad,Lampard and Gerrard,sorry just a firing squad joke there,we aim to please!!!!
  7. :lol:
  8. you'd be at the back of a fu*kin long queue mate!
  9. a queue along with the relatives of those that were put to death by having explosives put in their pockets. The man deserves the worst!
  11. Hmmm with lots of maggots to eat away at the rancid flesh round the wounds, keeping infection at bay and keeping him alive, in pain, a lot longer. Liberal applications of acid to the wounds would help with that too!! :twisted:
  12. Personally i think the very fact he wants shooting over hanging, should mean he gets the rope.

    What about the olf method of stoning - theres a shout.
  13. He's obviously into rebel songs..."Shoot me like an Irish soldier/Do not hang me like a dog..." Another pint of the black stuff for me mate Saddam!
  14. Do You think He'd have the same banter as Blackadder did with his firing squad???

    1, 2, 3 fire - only joking sir :D
  15. Like some of those convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunals, who demanded a 'soldiers death' by firing squad, he'll probably be hanged. In any case, his mode of execution will be decided by his original sponsors, the US Government.