Saddam Hussain wants to be shot!

Appently he's a military man and wants to be shot, not hung :roll:

'I Want A Firing Squad'
Updated: 10:56, Wednesday July 26, 2006

Saddam Hussein has said he would rather be shot rather than hanged if he is convicted in his trial for crimes against humanity.

He was speaking on the latest day of the hearing after claiming he had been forced to attend against his will.

The former Iraqi dictator urged the judge to bear in mind he was a "military man and in this case the verdict should be death by shooting not by hanging."

Saddam has been in hospital for the last few days after going on hunger strike and added: "It was not my choice to come to court.

"I wrote you a petition clarifying that I don't want to come to court, but they brought me against my will."

Saddam and his seven co-defendants are charged with the killing of 148 Shi'ite men and teenagers after an attempt on his life in the town of Dujail in 1982.

All eight accused deny the charges against them. The trial, in Baghdad, is continuing.
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Personally, I believe he should be slowly strangled in front of the families of his victims :twisted:
#9 a queue along with the relatives of those that were put to death by having explosives put in their pockets. The man deserves the worst!
muzzleflash said:
Hopefully with a .177 slug gun, everyday for a year should just about do the job.
Hmmm with lots of maggots to eat away at the rancid flesh round the wounds, keeping infection at bay and keeping him alive, in pain, a lot longer. Liberal applications of acid to the wounds would help with that too!! :twisted:
Like some of those convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunals, who demanded a 'soldiers death' by firing squad, he'll probably be hanged. In any case, his mode of execution will be decided by his original sponsors, the US Government.
braveheart said:
Personally i think the very fact he wants shooting over hanging, should mean he gets the rope.

What about the olf method of stoning - theres a shout.
And a traditional Islamic punisment under Shariah law to boot!!
'I'm a Soldier' he says.
Wrong. You where a Civvy Dictator who wore a Soldiers uniform. Oght ta be hung for that.
I'd want to be shot too, Hanging the Brit way was instantainious death, hanging the US way was a standard short drop which more often strangled the convicted.
Hanging Iraqi style ? Loop of Barbbed wire and hoist by mobile crane ?
Nay thats Iran, KO, IF found guilty, hand him over ta Iran and we can all stand by and watch.

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