SADDAM - have they got him?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I thought WW3 had started here just now - turns out the locals are celebrating Maddas' capture in their usual fashion - thousands of rounds into the air.

    God, I hope they've got him!

    Just been confirmed - we'll be wearing helmets for a while here, as what goes up..

    What's the betting the first thing the BBC ask is "will he get a fair trial?"

    What's happening in the UK? Work here has stopped, impromtu public holiday, and dancing in the streets - for real!
  2. Just heard the news in the US around 5:30 AM ET...there is a presser scheduled at 7AM ET and by all accounts they have him.
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    The news only got here for about 10:30, no obvious reactions yet. The news came via an unofficial kurdish source, with neither the Brits or Yanks confirming it yet.

    If he has been found wait out for Saddam sueing the US for stealing his country, I'm sure the BBC will give it the balanced approach they give everything.
  4. its been confirmed by our glorious leader T B Liar

    Taken from Sky News:


    Tony Blair has confirmed that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been captured alive in his home town of Tikrit.

    Mr Blair, who has returned to Downing Street from Chequers, said in a statement that Saddam was seized last night at around 3am this morning.

    The British Prime Minister said the arrest "removes the shadow" of his return from Iraq and "gives an opportunity for Saddam to be tried in Iraqi courts".

    Reports say Saddam was "dug out of a cellar" from a house in a poverty-stricken area during a raid by US forces, backed by Kurdish troops.

    It is claimed that DNA tests have been carried out and his identity confirmed.

    Saddam was apparently found with a suitcase containing half a million dollars worth of cash.

    Ace of spades: Most wanted

    Ahmad Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress, has said Saddam will probably be put on trial.

    A spokesman for the INC said: "We are 100% sure Saddam has been detained by American forces."

    A top Iraqi official said US administrator Paul Bremer called Iraqi leaders by telephone to tell them the news.

    The US Defence Department is still refusing to confirm the reports but a press conference has been announced for 12pm GMT.

    In Baghdad, a spokeswoman for the US-led operation notified reporters that a "very important" announcement will be made at the press conference. It is not known who the speaker will be.

    The news is spreading around Iraq rapidly and hundreds of exultant people have taken to the streets of Kirkuk and Baghdad firing weapons into the air in celebration.
  5. Excellent news

    But I'll finally believe it, when I see the b*stard paraded.

    But as regards Chalibi and his gang of puppet stoats being involved in a war crimes trial?

    Absolutely NOT.

    Will this stop the resistance attacks? Have we lifted that ginger headed baby-eating bastard yet?
  6. No celebrations please.

    If he's dead, and it's been reported he is alive, then whoopeedoooooo!!!

    If he's alive then this is going to be bad news for the troops for a while at least. Let's celebrate when his minions accept he won't be freed and is now gone for good.

    Until that time, watch the roads and ragheads with waistcoats, and keep an eye out for whoever who tries and hostage him out.

    It might be better if it's confirmed and he kills himself with a cyanide capsule, provided gratis of course. :?
  7. Bremmer has just said at a press conference

    'We got him'

  8. Parading him on Sky now.

    Found in a 6ft deep pit with 2 AKs & less than a million Dollars.

    How the mighty have fallen.
  9. Latest reports now mention "Coalition Special operations Forces involved"

    So that would be Kurdish Special Forces with Cockney accents then?

    NICE ONE!!!!!
  10. Doesn't look like someone who's been directing attacks on the coalition forces. Long'ish, unkept hair/beard, and long finger nails.

    Can't understand why they didn't slot him. Surely whilst he's alive, he's a beacon of hope to the die-hard loyalists?
  11. Not so long ago I was in a 6ft pit in Iraq. I would not have objected to sharing it with a couple of AKs and a suitcase full of dollars.

    Now anyone got a decent length of rope for sale
  12. Having spoken to my collegue the Information Minister
    I can confirm that the second stage of our President's initiative to broker peace in our country has now begun.

    President Saddam has been negotiating with the CIMIC team in Tikrit for the past 3 weeks now and got into their Hummv last night for their usual Pizza night out. ( I don't see how two fat US Reservists, one an Ad exec and the other an accountant and the fat bird who was driving would have been able to take him down)

    You saw what happended to Jessica Lynch, well when they got out of the resturant there was a film crew and a whole pile of spams waiting.

    It is no secret here in Tikrit and parts of Baghdad that the President has also been collaborating with Jethro Tull over their Christmas tour and album re-release
    Lets get all the hype out of the way and get the Yanks back out of our country!!

    PS: Just think how much your President is going to be able to save off the Defence Budget now :wink:
  13. he looks more like a New York down and out. But nice to see
  14. Latest news

    1. 15 Iraqis involved in celabratory fire, already engaged by C130 gunships.
    2. Saddam already booked for Richard + Judy

    [ Will "Hello" magajine please stop jamming our switchboard - we have had an arrangement in place with "OK!" for some months now........]
  15. Errm, we did, with some fool prodding at his mouth with a stick. I know he's a nasty chap and all the rest but it would be far better for us to take the high-ground on this one and act in a more civilised manner. I can't help but think that it is a shade childish to take his dignity, it really acheives nothing, we've already caught him. It simply gives the impression that we are not clear-thinking enough to do anything but shout and laugh and parade him about like some sort of monkey. It's not even funny, we have let ourselves down.
    I for one cannot see any good coming from trying to take away his dignity, it's just kicking a man when he's down and is really not the civilised thing to do. You can argue that the man is a savage and deserves no better but that would be flawed as we, i hope, are not savages and as-such should be magnanimous in victory. Not jeering and boorish and acting without any of the better attributes with like to associate ourselves with.
    I would like to think that Hussein could perhaps have been treated better and with more respect, not out of respect for the person for he deserves none but out of respect for how we are supposed to act as proper and polite people. My experience of the politicians behind these escapades however persuades me that they know little of the 'honourable thing' and are rather well versed in the act of kicking people while they are down and humiliating others. It's how they get ahead in life.