Saddam Hanging Jokes

It is of course utterly deplorable that when some thing serious like hangings take place that there always a few wretched wags around to make jokes about it.

But that's human nature for you or rather that is the army.
So to get the ball rolling:

Standing with a noose around his neck in the execution room Saddam received a phone call from the White House.

"What do you want from me George?" asked Saddam.
"I don't want anything from you Mr Hussein," said George, stroking a small white cat, "I just want you to die."


SLRboy said:
Standing with a nose around his neck in the execution room

A nose?

I was out with Saddam last night he got well pissed, he's fcuking hanging this morning.
good news mr Hussein after the drop you can finally be right marker :roll:
Saddam "hurry up all this hanging around is killing me"
Saddam "okay okay I give up which one of you is Ant and which one is Dec"?
put me down you fools I am Lord winston you have the wrong man


Bush: "Ok Saddam, we are going to play a game of dice for your life.
If you throw between a 1 or a 5 you will get hung"

Saddam: "What happens If I throw a six?"

Bush: "Well, you get another go!"
Saddam says to the hangman,
"Why are you doing this to me?"
Hangman says, "For making all those horrible T.V. shows."
"But I've never made a T.V. show in my life."

Hangman looks at Saddam again and says,
"B'ollock we have got wrong bloke, you can go."
Sun headline:
"Saddam Finally Evicted from the Big Brother House."
"Christmas decorations were not the only things hung this year".

Saddam: "OK, make it quick. I dont want to be left hanging around".

Called to the Big Brother room Saddam hears what task Big Brother has set for him.
"Oh f'uck that mate!" He says, "Can't I just wear a pink tutu and lick an actress's legs instead like my mate George?"


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Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.
Don't be so sure FineX,

The chimps reach is long and his appetite insatiable.
Was Saddam well hung?


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I hear there's a new Saddam T-Shirt coming out.

A bit tight around the neck - but it hangs well.



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Brew_Time said:
I hear there's a new Saddam T-Shirt coming out.

A bit tight around the neck - but it hangs well.

There are some ties as well

but the quality is a bit ropey


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I think its good they got it over with quickly
You dont want to be left hanging around in those circumstances
He knew what was going on too and wasnt left dangling

bet he was a bit choked tho

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