Saddam execution-more information?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. The 'official' report by the Iraqi government of Saddam's execution :evil: ,seems at variance with matters that are now emerging(picture phones again?).The official spokesman suggested that Saddam was 'very,very,very subdued'.Odd then,that he appeared to respond to insults by his executioners?

    The guy has done terrible things,but this mean spectacle is likely to reverberate around the Arab world.The man died in an exemplary way,and this will not help those who regard this demonstration of 'Iraqi justice' ,for which many Coalition troops have given their lives,as not worth fighting for.Shia savages take their revenge,and a bad example of Middle Eastern 'democracy'-whatever that means.
  2. I find the whole spectacle quite repulsive. He got what he deserved, but the conduct of those who hung him and who were jeering in the background made the whole thing just smack of Victor's Justice. Mind you, none of my family were ever tortured to death.

    I'll say one thing for him, he went there a braver man that I would have.
  3. The whole spectacle looked typically Iraqi. No organisation, politically motivated to the end with everyone having something to say. Thowing insults at a man about to die - sick. What about security - a camera with a phone at an execution?
  4. I agree with you Biscuits, I fear that my spincter would have let the world know that I would not enjoy meeting my maker.

    He deserved what he got and took it on the chin.......well in the neck :p

  5. I've seen the video on YouTube and he does respond to the insults, it's all very weak and poor quality as you know, but he does call his executioners "traitors" (khawna in Iraqi Arabic) at one point. Other than the crowd's jeering, I can't make much else out of what he says.
  6. I have to agree with all the comments about the execution lacking the proper decorum. The event was more a Sadr pep rally. The site of execution was a torture/execution center for members of the Dawa Party of which PM Maliki is a member. Alot of symbolism which was not lost on Saddam I am sure.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Couldn't agree more. But the fact is that this is the US shooting itself in the foot once again. They had Saddam in custody and were in a position to insist that any execution was carried out in an appropriate fashion... after all, whatever the US's role, they're going to get blamed for what happened. Instead, it was a vile and repellent shambles, from which only Saddam emerged with dignity. Typical.
  8. Anybody who was repulsed by the snuff videos of Zarqawi beheading his victims should be equally disturbed by the fact that Sadaam's execution was taped and televised. The fact that it was televised by a so-called sovereign goverment should tell us all about the depravity of the times we live in.

    At the end of the day I do not feel as much satisfaction as I hoped I would because the whole thing smacks of a Shia hit job.
  9. I agree, it had all the dignity of an amateur lynch mob at work. Whilst I appreciate that he gave no dignity to his victims, for this debacle to have occured in this manner, makes us no better than him.

    I personally take little consolation in his death and believe it was not Iraqi justice, but US tainted justice at work.
  10. Savages.
  11. What a bloody awful country it is. I hope Bush and Blair are able to sleep well at night. They may have got rid of one dictator but it would seem they have created yet another murderous regime. All for the sake of their petty vanities! What was the difference between those bloody excuses for executioners and those evil bas--turds who revel in the public displays of beheading Western Hostages.

    The awful truth of the matter is, that it will cost more British and American dead. What are Bush and Blair doing? Well, according to the news, Bush is chopping wood and riding his mountain bike whilst our illustrious leader is strumming his bloody guitar with a drug taking twat who is married to a fooking bi-sexual Druid.

    They both make me sick. Neither of them could organise a piss up in a brewery!
  12. And what about all the pictures on the front of competing newspapers trying to out sell each other.
    Didn't have the decency to put the pics inside.

    Any Mums & Dads out there - how did you explain that to little curious johnnie?
  13. Would you not have thought that Al Jazeera could have sent out a bloke with a camera on a tripod, rather than relying on Ahmed the camel herder and his Nokia?

    The conspiracy theorists are already pointing out that the guy manages to film his feet and the stairs whilst the noose is being adjusted, and at the very moment the trapdoor is opened, the guy drops the camera, and the next shot is of Saddam on the floor, dead! Almost enough to make you think that Ol' Saddam is being transported on a plane to Langley as we speak, ready for his next job pumping gas in Alabama.....
  14. I was tempted to tell mine that the first casualty of war is the truth. But they are all less than ten years old so I doubt they will understand.

    I ended up telling them the story of the wolves' in the sheeps' skin.