Saddam claims the Americans tortured him

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. My piles bleed for him
  2. How copme he never mentioned this earlier in his trial?
  3. slipped his mind I guess.

    Unless it's a recent thing.
  4. You hear that?'s the fevered scribblings of the anti-war/tree-hugging crowd as they write their "FREE FORMER MIDDLE EASTERN POLITICAL LEADER (AND PENSIONER) FROM THE HANDS OF AMERICAN IMPERIALIST TORTURERS!" banners.

    I can almost hear the human rights ambulance chasers/grievance mongers rubbing their hands with glee...
  5. It will be interesting to see the US response. I don't believe a word of what Saddam's claiming, but I'm sure that, post-Abu Ghraib, the US promised that all allegations of torture would be investigated.

    If they don't investigate these allegations, but simply deny them and leave it at that, which I imagine would be their instinctive reaction, what sort of backlash will that provoke amongst (Sunni) Iraqis?

    Don't know about you, but when I hear a US denial these days, I wonder how long it will be until a statement saying 'Of course, these specific allegations...few rotten apples...helping the enemy...not for us, you're against structural problems...'


    edit: just to re-iterate, I don't believe that the US have tortured Saddam. I just think that many Iraqis will assume they have if they simply deny it, on the grounds that a US denial isn't worth the airtime it's broadcast on.
  6. Well, if Saddam had been holding Saddam captive, you can guarantee that he would have been tortured.
  7. Good. I hope it true, bastad deserve a dose of what he's given out.
  8. a bit rich coming from him ! considering his past records :lol:
  9. Surely there are thousands of Iraqis who would probably echo our thoughts on this matter. He tortured and killed as he thought fit when he was in power, now he bleats like a b***h about his cuffs chaffing or the food he is given. He reminds me a bit of slobbereddon when he was in the dock at teh Hague, whinging about how he hadn't seen his grandchildren.

    I'm sure he now wishes he had gone out in a blaze of glory instead of being captured. I read once that he had given some sort of blood money to a relative of someone he (or his sons) had killed. When they refused it and wished for some sort of vendetta he calmly told them that they would have to wait in line for their turn for vengence when that day came. Yet here he sits in a dock, in a court, as a pathetic figure that is just a shadow of what he once was bleating about his treatment.
  10. his guards plobly played some john denver or dolly parton, i can understand him complaining. a incredibly cruel and vile torture indeed.
  11. Saddam should be shown to Red cross, sorry crescent. However, probably Red crystall would be allowed.
  12. Saddam should be shown the firing squad.
  13. Stalling tactics - his team will prolly be hoping the Yanks wander off and do a full investigation and then in 6 months time the judge says, "Now then, where were we....."

    All a load of bollocks, just like the whle trial, he should have been killed 'resisting arrest'..............
  14. Even if they did, Which they probally did,nt. The phrase " What goe,s around" ,,,,,,,,,,,,