Saddam believes U.S. will beg for his help

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Yes he can

  2. No but he could be helpfull

  3. No and he is absolutely useless


  2. Well, the old mass murderer knew how to keep a lid on the tinder box between the fractions and how to keep his borders secure so he wasn't all that bad (nazis built good roads too)!

    Sooner he's sitting at the right hand of the devil South Park stylie the better!
  3. One of the few blokes who could keep a lid on the tensions between the factions (or at least do a good job of hiding them), not sure I agree with his methods though...
  4. And as the chosen few know, his road system sucks too....
  5. In the same way lots of nazis actually thought the allies were willing to work out a peace deal with them...
  6. We'd of ended up getting Beemers and Merc and those sexy Audi Quattros a lot earlier if we did.... :roll:
  7. Stability is about knowing the consequences of actions. With Saddam in power, the Iraqis knew where they stood and could act accordingly.

    With Coalition troops occupying Iraq and a fledgling Iraqi government under attack from all sides, there seems little understanding of who is in control and how long that control will last. As a result, somebody who is your ally today could be your enemy tomorrow.

    While my opinion isn't going to be popular, I'd say get Saddam back in power (after first signing an undertaking not to demand reparations).
  8. Hi!

    Previously Saddam was supported by USA in his war with Iran. Maybe his regime was not a cruel dictatorship that time? Now Iran is becoming a threat (real or imaginary) again. So if not Saddam himself but a strongman, a new 'Saddam' (sunni and former general) would be very helpfull.

    With American financial resources, sunni-led Iraqi army could be built within few months. Unlikely the insurgents (mainly sunnis) would fight against it. The army would be strongly anti-Iranian. By contrast current shia 'allies' are highly unreliable and a majority are hidden pro-Iranian insurgents.
  9. Previously the USSR was supported by the USA and look what happened there too!