Saddam a "greater threat than previously thought"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Little Jack H, Oct 6, 2004.

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  1. Great story I am sure! If you happen to belong to AOL...

    Otherwise you cannot log in!

    Please Cut & Paste Story.
  2. sound like a load of roapy old b0llox to ensure peoples jobs and their order within the pecking order.
    heard a guardie on R2 saying it was about regime change, pure and simple :cry:
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In short jack Straw claims that although Saddam had nothing more dangerous than a yoghurt culture the "fact" that he intended to try and get some more powerful weapons is far far worse than actually having them.

    Now let me put this in perspective which of these are worse, a or b?

    a) Looking at the Leatherman catalogue.
    b) Severing somebodies love-spuds with a bread knife.

    a) Walking to the pub with your car keys.
    b) Having six pints of wifebeater then running someone over on the way home.

    a) Showing a vague interest in yoghurt culture.
    b) Gassing a kurdish village after first testing the gas on the Iranian army.

    How stupid are these people to think that we are going to believe these LIES!
  4. Threat = capability AND intent

    OR so I thought anyway...
  5. Sorry about link, here's the story:

    Saddam Threat 'Greater Than Feared'

    Jack Straw claims Saddam was a 'starker' threat than imagined before

    A key report on Saddam Hussein's weapons shows he was an even greater threat than previously thought, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said.

    The group hunting for the dictator's weapons of mass destruction is expected to announce that it has found no evidence of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

    But Mr Straw said the Iraq Survey Group report proves that "in terms of his intention", Saddam was an "even starker" threat than thought.

    Mr Straw said Saddam would have built up WMD if he had not been ousted from power.

    Speaking on a trip to Baghdad, he said: "I personally am in no doubt whatever that had we walked away from Iraq and left Iraq to Saddam, Saddam would have indeed built up his capabilities, built up his strength and posed an even greater threat to the people of Iraq and the people of the region than before."

    The head of the ISG, Charles Duelfer, will set out his findings in his final report to the US Senate tonight.

    He is expected to say Saddam did not have WMD at the time of the US-led invasion.

    The failure to find WMD will be particularly damaging to the Prime Minister because of his reliance on them as the justification for going to war.

    He has already accepted that intelligence suggesting Saddam had WMD was wrong, and he has taken full responsibility for any mistakes in British intelligence.
  6. For close to 55 years the "5 Eyes" and France invested significantly in Intelligence cover of GSFG, the Northern, Southern and Western Groups of Forces, certain Military Disricts and key naval facilities of the Northern and Black sea fleets. Not a single naval auxilliary or maritime patrol aircraft moved without us being aware of it.

    Despite that we missed the invasion of Hungary and now happliy, failed to react to the GSFG invasion after the Prague spring, as if it was WW3.
    ( Because that is exactly what the start looked like)

    Basic intelligence is a low level commodity that gives us a broad historic view of an enemy's capabilities.

    Current intelligence is costly to maitain but gives us a near-real-time view of both an enemy's capabilities and his intentions. You need a balance of both to provide an effective assessment.

    For most of the 1980s the Warsaw Pact were still our main target, Saddam and Bin Laden were indeed both our Allies. Despite being bitten in the bum by the Argies and then by Saddam in GW 1, UK and US Intelligence capability has been progressively erroded over the past 15 years.

    You need to retain a certain level of capability yourself, to both identify your adversary and his intention. Otherwise you could end up dependant on a larger ally, whose " NOFORN" capabilities are little more that smoke and mirrors. Some would say that the decsion was based too much on the spinning of some basic intelligence, and a failure to recognise the absence of current intelligence. < on the part of some but not all:>

    Few leaders or commanders, perhaps caught in the spotlight, have had the judgement to recognise that they do not have enough information for sound decision making.

    ( some say that mcnab knew that if he waited another 12 hours he would get the result of a satellite pass on his proposed LS. 12 hours that could also usefully used to check and proove comms)

    Even more scarce, are the Intelligence Chiefs with the balls to stand up to those leaders or commanders.
  7. so basically, successive governments allowed him to stay in power for over 20 years til it suited them?
    now we blame the intelligence services? becuase they supplied the wrong info? yeh ok then!!
  8. 'Sadam great threat'
    Ah yes the man who upgraded Blitzkrieg to trench warefare.
    He was a thug, a gangsters who had a not so secret mechanised 'police' capable of terorising civilians, but who lasted hours in the face of an army.
    May he rot in hell.
  9. Report confirms Iraq fears - PM

    They weren't working ,so that's why ISG found bunkers full of nasties ready to use in 45 minutes Prime Minister?

    Too much local anaesthetic whacked into the area he keeps his brain in I fear :roll:

    Circumstantial evidence? Doesn't that sort of evidence get dismissed in a court of law? Sounds to me about as airtight as chickenwire.

  11. Not just circumstantial evidences, M'lud, but Extensive and FRAGMENTARY circumstantial evidence.

    Also, not evidence of weapons themselves, or even a capabilitiy to return to them, but evidence of "pursuing a strategy of maintaining a capability....". Doesn't this sound awfully like report-writer-speak for "he didn't have any, probably never would, but we can't say so outright 'cos that would be calling certain people liars and we like our jobs."??? 8O
  12. Examining the "evidence" that implies that Saddam posed a WMD "threat" I find that I should be expecting a visit by the "forces of freedom". For I too pose an equal threat, for you see:

    I have a large collection of military books - including some on WMD;
    I once announced the intent to use them (11:30 pm one Saturday night I expressed a wish to gas the present administration and dance on their corpses);
    I have not allowed a UN inspection team inside my shed.
  13. Got any oil in that shed of yours?
  14. I believe Our Great Leader! ,are not our streets safe to walk at night ?,are not our hospitals a shining example to the rest of the world ?,do we not have hundreds, nay, thousends of police patrolling our streets, keeping us safe while we sleep ?,does not the mighty fleet of ships of our Royal Navy, sail around this sceptered isle protecting our fishing grounds? ,and the massed ranks of our well equiped fully manned Army,protected from above by squadron upon squadron of gleaming state of the art fighters, span the globe,bringing peace hope and prosperety,to those less fortunate than our selves(stops wipes tear from eye).

    All this our great leader has given us ..............must go now the nurse is here with my medication 8O