Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by evil belly, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. was in newcastle recently on business
    and between meetings i went for a walk and was passing a pawn brokers and in the window
    was about ten medals dating from 1915 up to the mid forties
    not much of a milataria buff myself and gave it no further thought till i wandered in here
    and saw the walt pages, and wondered why the walts are buying crap replicas on ebay
    when the real things are on most english high streets for pocket change
    its pretty sad though to think that some old boy or his family thought so little of them
    or were that stuck for a few bob that selling them was an option
    my aulfellah has a medal that one of his relatives won in the last major european dust up
    playing for the other side but would never part with
    even if he was starving
  2. Yes it is sad, but a sad fact of life all the same. Also, although you wouldn't sell medals if you were starving, when someone you care desperately about is starving or otherwise in desperate need of the money. Then you would sell them.
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  3. Of course there is always the idea that "I know what I did and don't need a bit of tin on a ribbon to prove it" types who would sell their medals (or throw them at politicians) to buy a pint or prove a point.
  4. If I was starving or facing homelessness, I wouldn't think twice about turning to crime against a section of society that allowed the situation to happen.
  5. Didn't a lot of the VC winners at Rourkes Drift sell their medals because they were skint and hungry, on their return?
  6. They may well have done. Britain didn't have a social security programme back then.